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Old 3rd Apr 2012, 01:42   #21 (permalink)

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"The unexamined life is not worth living."

-the quote suggests that Socrates' belief that a human who does not examine (in every sense of the term) their own life, nature, reality, relationships, motivations, and thoughts, is wasting the experience, therefore such a life is not worth living.

I'm just sayin'..!

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Old 5th Apr 2012, 21:45   #22 (permalink)
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Gleneagles, you are probably a rare gem in the midst of all the pseudo skygods. This thread surely hit home right on the solar plexi of many and you can imagine the discomfort of these chaps on reading it here!

Death bed confessions are probably good for the soul; I had a cousin who confided in me that one really see one's whole life history pass before one's very eyes. He had a ruptured appendix with sepsis setting in, he was almost a goner. After the NDE, he was a changed man..no more the kick ass supremo that he used to be. One more secret he let in on me...he is his own judge, jury and executioner! Food for thought.
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Old 7th Apr 2012, 10:49   #23 (permalink)
fade to grey
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Well, I always maintained when FOs came to me and said "so and so is horrible to fly with ", that they were w**kers before they got 2 stripes, then w**kers with 3, 4 so on. Nothing changes.

As for TREs, they can be split into 2 categories - those with massive experience who want to pass that on, and those who collect ratings because it boosts their ego.

I did once want to be an examiner, but now I feel flying takes up enough of my life without extra stuff to study..
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Old 10th Apr 2012, 07:15   #24 (permalink)
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It's always never too late to make amends when you are still alive. There are certainly many ways where past wrongs can be righted.

I once pointed out something about an unfair performance report and was harshly berated for it. I lost a chance for a scholarship on account of it. Some years later, the person responsible for it showed up at an alumni reunion to apologize indicating that he deeply regretted his biased action. He showed me his recent action at redressing the wrong...he got it expunged from my records and sought the permission of the varsity senate to amend my grade. To accomplish this he certainly went through a lot of trouble if not grief. Though I will never ever get that scholarship again and life could have been quite different, he had done good to atone for his rashness. I have certainly forgiven him, but I will not forget his action and I will continue to watch out for people of his ilk.
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Old 15th Apr 2012, 02:16   #25 (permalink)
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. If I may opined, should you ask him what such TRE who now have regretful reflection he would certainly tell that guy to commit harakiri.
Whoa, alanusa...harakiri? Sepukku? Gee, don't you think that's a tad too harsh. I too was guilty of failing somebody once because I thought he was a bit below par. Later in the week upon reflection as I reviewed the past week's checkrides, I realised that I might have factored in his " seemingly bad attitude " into his failing grade. I had a chat with the Chief Pilot ( Training ) who also advised that that previous check TREs had found this checkee to be a bit " hyper " and unconsciously exhibited " bad attitude " when under stress. I reviewed with the Chief Pilot his performance during the check and after some exhaustive deliberations I conceded that he deserved a poor grade but not a fail. The higher ups ( in coordination with our CAA ) graciously allowed me ( it was still my call ) to amend the grade to a pass and his recheck was cancelled.

The upshot? I felt good for the checkee and myself. The downside? Rumours abound that I was given a huge dressing down by the VPs and chief pilots, that I was summarily sacked. That I was toast, that I grovelled and was given back my post after stern warnings, etc. None of those were true, but well as someone said...cest le vie!
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Old 17th Apr 2012, 02:12   #26 (permalink)
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Babablackship, please do pluck up some visceral fortitude and give your former mentor all the support he needs at this crucial stage of his life. He needs to be at peace before crossing over. A suggestion; as far as I know, most orientals take the adversity brought about by actions such as his in their stride and I am sure all of his victims have moved on. His guilty pangs and uncomfortable reflections indicate a level of spiritual evolvement and progress which stand him in good stead when he crosses over. I guess most of his victims more or less expected such things from him and had factored that as a " learning experience " and knowing about his present predicament will be very magnanimous in forgving him.

Gerago....bravo and I salute your Training chief pilot for having an open mind and taking it up with your higher ups to allow you to amend that grade of your checkee. It takes moral courage and great sense of responsibility.
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Old 28th Apr 2012, 20:22   #27 (permalink)
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It's always never too late to make amends when you are still alive. There are certainly many ways where past wrongs can be righted.
Totally agree that there are always opportunities to make things right. I had a relative who came over last X'mas to apologise for some of his past actions who caused a rift in the family. He looked so old, had a heart bypass and when undergoing GA for the procedure he somehow had an epiphany which triggered his desire to set things right.

Too bad my late father is not around to receive the apologies but I can accept it, putting some closure to the issue. I guess baba's mentor still have the time to do so.
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Old 20th Jul 2012, 13:05   #28 (permalink)
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Threads that are good food for thoughts

This thread should make an interesting read here:

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Old 20th Jul 2012, 17:04   #29 (permalink)
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20 years ago on a small fleet in big company we had two checkers of opposite personality.
One a true gentleman and tutor. The other a vindictive troll.
The nasty one felt he had been hard done-by by the company and duly took it out on his checkee's.
After a check ride with first fellow, l asked why he was so pleasant, thorough and assisted with any 'grey' areas with fairness, the complete opposite of his colleague.
His response was straight forward enough..."One day you may be my check-captain!"

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Old 20th Jul 2012, 18:25   #30 (permalink)
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It`s at least commendable that your friend has expressed some kind of regret, even if it is too late to undo what was done. It`s never too late to say sorry if it is sincere and if that can help him find some peace before he passes on it will be worthwhile. Perhaps a letter or open letter would be a cathartic and effective means of communicating his regrets.

Perhaps you read this uplifting news in recent days-

US cancer victim uses obituary to confess sins - Telegraph

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Old 5th Aug 2012, 10:17   #31 (permalink)
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Sitting on an interview panel for a fully-sponsored ab-initio airline training program a few years ago, I inexcusably succumbed to groupthink fuelled by one very senior bullying 'skygod', in adding my casting vote against a perfectly sound, indeed truly excellent candidate.

I'll never forget the look of sadness in her eyes as she took the news on board, quietly gathered her things and left the room. To my immediate discomfort and regret she even said "thank you all for the opportunity".

I sought her out in the lobby to offer some words of consolation, try again on the next round, blah, blah... She bit her lip and said I can't, my birthday's next week, I'll be past the age cut off, it was my one chance, i could never afford the training. She gave me a tearful smile, a ladylike goodbye, and headed off.

While I ruefully pondered having wrecked this kid's dream of flight, I could hear the skygod's laughter coming down the corridor, chortling no doubt at one of his own jokes before the largely fawning group.

"Never f****** again", I promised myself.
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Old 28th Aug 2012, 04:31   #32 (permalink)
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justanotherflyer...oh dear that is absolutely terrible, truly sad and regrettable. I have always advised my copilot and junior colleagues against pack behaviour or groupthink as you have it.

When things like this happened, it is lways not easily reversed. Some poor guy's life gets ruined and one has years of agonising regret unless they are real pieces of work like that skygod you mentioned. I am sure you can find ways to set things right like find other airlines with comparable sponsored ab initio programmes.
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It is indeed sad. Several years ago when I was in the land of morning calm there was an ozzie chap on the T-7 who was a terror, but only to expats as he was probably too scared to fail the locals. This ex PNG bush pilot was hauled well above his station when the Koreans saw in him something useful; he was good in teaching fellow expats a lesson. He was a non type rated B777 DEC and his understanding of the T-7 was well below par; when challenged by B777 vets on some check flights because of his dubious knowledge, he used the " checker " card. Well, all the stress that came with a life of living a lie did him in; he ended up with the dreaded " C ". The last I heard, he survived the horrible medical treatment that entailed and most certainly wished him well despite his trangressions.

Away from his other life s a " checker " he was a reasonably fine bloke. However when he takes up that " jehovah " persona, the nice cap turned into an insufferable recalitrant.

I am quite sure he has his regrets from what I heard. Characters like these have our sympathies because of their inadequacies, they make life a misery for themselves and others. I hope stories like these will enlighten those self appointed skygods and make our careers in this profession more rewarding and fulfilling.


Know the chap you are talking about. Not a bad bloke on the ground, but we had a saying about some guys. "Great guy to drink a pint with but when they cross the threshold of the aircraft and you pressurize them, something changes." I believe your analysis is spot on.
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Well said Akali , speaking of India there is a healthy mix of Indian and Expat angels of death trainers.I've seen some of them and they can truly kill a pilot. Met an old friend of mine and heard that there was an expat TRE who we knew who had a stint in India or is still there if I'm not mistaken.Dubious credentials created havoc in the Far East and did the same in India I heard.Well what goes around comes around.
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Very good story!...I try to self examine an atone, as best as I can...I'm far from perfect

Re: the cancer victim's story, why can't I have a 'paperwork error' never went for the PhD......tired of lectures...

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I hate to sound heartless but as is said what you reap you shall sow and karma...when I said very good story...I meant good as in illustrative not a 'good story'...it is sad...but it's also sad that he ruined those airmen's careers out of racism...when you do such things you get paid back in spades...sorry!

I know how racism can really make like difficult---I'm a mixed Latino and I've suffered employment discrimination as a result and left a good job...but I don't like being called a monkey or being told that I don't speak spanish that I speak Puerto-Rican...and of course being treated accordingly...it's hard to feel much sympathy...he has to reconcile his predjudiced and hateful actions with God now...I was hesitant about posting this but I feel something should be said...once again---sorry!
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Personally speaking, I can recommend living by that excellent, well-proven, and wise motto, attributed to that great genius, Anonymous .....

"Be careful whose toes you step on today - because they might be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow .... "

Babablackship, it must be saddening to see someone on his deathbed undergoing such regrets and personal ass-kicking, over behaviour he now acknowledges was wrong.
I think we have all been in that position to a certain extent. However, to be in a position where you can ruin anothers career via a derogatory assessment is indeed a very powerful position to be in.
However, the story of the world is of millions of peoples careers being ruined by powerful people exerting powerful forces. Nothing has changed since time began.

Perhaps your best approach to your friends self-flaggellation is to let him know that those whose careers he ruined may not see things the same way he does now - and the passage of time most certainly dulls the edge of deep cuts.

As one whose life was ruined, and whose 30 year asset accumulation was totally destroyed, by one callous person in a position of great power over me - I can assure you that the initial rage of grossly unfair (and illegal) treatment does not usually linger for decades, in the average person.

We move on, and put the poor treatment behind us, and find another life. I'd suggest that you advise your friend, that those he mistreated have also done the same - and possibly do not now regard the poor treatment that they received at his hands, with a continuing aim to exact revenge.

In fact, he may find that some of his poorly-treated underlings may completely shrug off the treatment that they received at his hands, and they may advise him that they went on to better and bigger things, in a different field.
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Onetrack I hear you, and agree but clipping a pilot's wings is a horrible thing to do-perhaps this is justice...sorry!
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Life will be fine if you just follow this:

St.Mark 12 Vs 30 , 31....You must love the Lord your God with all your heart,all your soul,all your mind and all your strength.The second equally important: Love your neighbour as yourself.No other commandment is greater than these.

One day we shall meet our Creator and give account for our actions.Will we be found wanting ?Watch out !!!
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It appears that many people suffer from bitter regrets upon their deathbed, so this friend of babablackships isn't alone. After reflecting upon this post, I remembered one particular nurses story.

As a palliative care nurse, she spent much time with people unloading their regrets onto her. She ended up writing a book about the subject, called "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying".

The book won't help babablackships mate much, but it sure is a good guide on how to live your life, to minimise regrets when you get old.

Here's the link to her blog. I don't think I've read so many home truths in one webpage.

Inspiration and Chai

The fact that babablackships mate is afflicted with terminal cancer is not unusual. I firmly believe that many cancers are incurred via internalising deep bitterness, anger and hatred.
The old saying "what's eating you?" has more than a passing basis in fact. People who are permanently angry, harbour constant bitterness, and carry hatred with them daily, generally end up burning out rapidly, as their anger and bitterness eats at them.

Babablackship - SWMBO thought up an interesting action. She suggested that your mate write letters to the blokes he wronged, and pour out his apologies to them. Then he could try and locate them, and send the letters to them.

Even if he can't find them, or the letters don't reach them, he may find a degree of personal satisfaction in knowing that he tried to address his wrongdoing before he parts the veil.
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