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FI Course or MCC

Old 7th Dec 2011, 09:13
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FI Course or MCC

Good morning Ladies and Gents.

I would like to get some opinions on the Instructor vs MCC course debate.

I am a low hour CPL ME IR Pilot looking for my first job within aviation.

I have always had a keen interest in doing a FIC to further my knowledge and experience, with a passion to share this with aspiring pilots.

However I am in the position where I d like to become employed by the airlines, as unrealistic as this sounds.

What would be recommendable at this stage, MCC course at 2k and get on with applications or 6k for Instructors course and get my experience up...Thoughts welcome
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Old 7th Dec 2011, 20:43
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FI course.
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Old 7th Dec 2011, 22:07
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FI course - once you have 1000+ hours do the MCC, some airlines are much more interested then.
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Old 8th Dec 2011, 10:15
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FI course, with the caveat that the market is saturated with green FIs at the moment. Later on, do your MCC with European down in Bournemouth

(Disclaimer; not associated with them in any way except as a satisfied customer!)
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Old 8th Dec 2011, 22:06
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FI course - once you have 1000+ hours do the MCC, some airlines are much more interested then.
And those airlines are??

Difficult decision, I would do the MCC and then the FIC. No airline will look at you without a MCC. If you do the FIC after the MCC you can fire out CV's from day one.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 16:38
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And those airlines are??
Some of the smaller turboprop outfits, as well as some charter compaines. You just need to know where to look.

If you've got the money to do both now, go ahead. If you don't, and you get the MCC, I know people who are now 2 years from their initial IR still without an airline job, around 250-300 hours, paying to keep current each year.

With the FI, there's certainly no guarentee of a job, but if you actually want to be an instructor that should shine through at the interview and you're more likely to get picked up. Once you're in, if you're any good it's easy to get your hours up.
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Old 11th Dec 2011, 14:55
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Many thanks

Thank you very much for the input chaps and ladies.

I have friends who have taken the hit on MCC and have had interviews for different airlines, even as low hour pilots.

I am leaning towards the MCC then FIC route.

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Old 12th Dec 2011, 12:02
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Have you asked about to see if there are any instructing opportunities at your local airfields?

If there is a chance, even if it starts off as "occasional" then in my opinion the FI course would be the logical choice.

For many of the online applications for the big boys you need to have completed the MCC and the system will filter you out if you don't meet the minimum requirements.

I guess you have to weigh up whether you honestly believe you have more chance of getting some instructing work or a multi crew job within the next year or two.

My opinion is that instructing is "more likely" but either way there is an element of "dice rolling".
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