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Teaching SCA as a method

Flying Instructors & Examiners A place for instructors to communicate with one another because some of them get a bit tired of the attitude that instructing is the lowest form of aviation, as seems to prevail on some of the other forums!

Teaching SCA as a method

Old 17th Nov 2009, 01:03
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Hi BEagle, no I don't. The point to make is that although the SCA is fixed for your groundspeed, and it should be applied for as many minutes you are miles off track, it's still a flexible technique. You can pick the bits out of it which work best for your situation. Which is what AP3456 says and how I learnt it when I was a student. It's use should be applied with common sense.

Hi BPF. I think the irony of my comment was lost a little. I posted the video to show that navigation not always a black and white science which is what is being advocated on this thread. The route was one I used to give the students when running up to their Final Handling Tests at an RAF flying training school. They had to do about 10 minutes low level navigation before all the GH stuff. The route took them from Nottingham in the UK, west to Buxton which is in the peak district, north to the TV mast at Crossland Moor and then south down Ladybower resevoir. It was a good route as it was quite tricky with airspace all around (at the mast, Manchester TMA is only 2000' above you) and some great contour flying. The test was not about the navigation as that had already been assessed on the Final Nav Test. It was more about the low level handling.

The video is turning at Crossland Moor mast and then weaving down Ladybower. The resevoir has several dams and it was the one used by 617 Sqn when they trained for the Dams raid. The video was shot by me in the front seat with another instructor flying from the back. The day was very bumpy and Chris was flying quite hard, you will notice the g meter was reading 3g in the turns and it was all I could do to hold the camera.

The nav technique being used was following a line feature, so no need to use the SCA as we were always on track - or close to it. Actually. the direct track on the map went about a mile to the East, but by following the line feature we knew we would end up on track eventually. Low level navigation is all about contour flying to give you the best protection from being seen and staying exactly on track not a major consideration. The only time you really need to be on track is on the final run in to a target.
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Old 17th Nov 2009, 19:23
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Perhaps the FIE doing your next renewal will take some time to discuss the issues.
Nope. (Insert emoticon for wincing at the thought of being so crass.)

But I would very much enjoy the privilege of doing a check for many of the posters here. First five minutes ticking boxes to satisfy CAA criteria, then the following 55 minutes enjoying watching an expert do his job well. Everybody happy.

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Old 17th Dec 2009, 14:11
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And if you're interested, I've just uploaded two more You Tube clips from the same flight as the low level down Ladybower resevoir video.

YouTube - Tucano Formation.wmv

YouTube - Tucano Tailchase.wmv
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Old 17th Dec 2009, 15:16
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Cracking Videos Dan
I teach sca to students at ppl level primarily because i am a Fxxkwit and cant do any sort of mental maths whatsoever . I have yet to have a student (assuming his wind his correct etc etc ) ever fail to regain track and adjust accordingly using this method .
So im happy with it
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Old 19th Dec 2009, 21:47
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Just read the four pages of this, and found it mildly amusing. Thanks guys

It's interesting to see two sides arguing so positively FOR "SCA" - and thus wondering why there is an argument at all!

Having said that, and understanding both sides, have to say I am with DFC on this one - all DFC is trying to say is "SCA is great - just make sure you are pointing the right way before you use it."

I also understand most won't care - but at least DFC can know that yes, it does get read.
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Old 20th Dec 2009, 23:15
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all DFC is trying to say is "SCA is great - just make sure you are pointing the right way before you use it."

9 10
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