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Supersonic aircraft: Automatic fail of working engine on engine failure


On perusing the USNTPS Flight Test Manual No. 103 (Fixed Wing Stability and Control), I stumbled on the following tidbit in section 6.3 (Asymmetric Power Problems at High Airspeeds) from chapter 6 (Asymmetric Power Flying Qualities):

"Asymmetric power problems at high airspeeds in high performance multiengined airplanes may be compounded by reduced directional stability at high supersonic Mach numbers and high altitude. (...) Another possible solution is to fail the corresponding engine on the opposite wing automatically in the event of engine failure in a flight condition where asymmetric thrust is catastrophic."

Does anyone know of an example where this was implemented on a flying aircraft?


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SR-71 Blackbird employed a feature called "un-start" to deal with such a condition.
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Wasn't a B58 Hustler not lost due to that phenomenum?
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My immediate thought was Concorde but apparently it was all handled by the rudder automatically deflecting when a failure was detected.

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Wasn't a B58 Hustler not lost due to that phenomenum?
Here is the very sad story:

B-58A 55-664 Accident Report
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