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The Hunting 126 is at Cosford Detail page | Research | Collections | RAF Museum
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Originally Posted by G-AZUK View Post
some interesting info in this thread, http://www.pprune.org/flight-testing...thurleigh.html and it reminded me of the plan to build a 5 mile runway between Thurleigh and Little Staughton shortly after the war, i'd love to know what they were planning to fly off it
There was also a plan to build another 'long' runway between Thurleigh and Twinwoods. A bridge over a public road south of Thurleigh (still there) was built to accomodate this.
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Originally Posted by DennisTheMenace View Post
Ghengis, the technology demonstrator, the predecessor to the Typhoon, it was called the EAP -Experimental Aircraft Programme - that was tested on the 8 foot tunnel too.
When Warton CTP Chris Yeo brought the EAP to the Farnborough airshow, he confided in us there was a 'problem'.
Apparently, it was so easy to fly that after takeoff for his display, he simply set the throttle and didn't touch it again until on final however, by this time he would be so relaxed that he might forget to select gear down, (I think he'd done so once when practicing at Warton) so could we (ATC) remind him every time to save embarassment!!
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The ultra long runway was intended for the Brabazon and any future long range piston engined aircraft. It was believed that the take off performance would always be poor and a long runway required.
For the same reason they demolished the pub at the end of Filton runway so they could extend it.

The link between Thurleigh and Twinwoods was to be a taxiway. The tale always told was that it was to facilitate getting full size aircraft to the wind tunnels.Then the technology overtook the idea.
The whole thing was part of an idea to build a National Aeronautics Establishment but Farnboro and other politics scuppered that idea. Bloody Cody's tree was more important.

Ah Bedford ATC "the cowboy outfit I'd always wanted for Christmas"
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Originally Posted by jifop View Post
Wow Thanks g! We are in the enclave where the simulators were based and later The uav development.

It was originally rae then dra, dera and as you say finally qinetiq but asides from that we know nothing and have no photos which is a shame!
Don't forget it was RAE twice; firstly 'Royal Aircraft Establishment' then from about the mid '80s, 'Royal Aerospace Establishment.
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Indeed - I turned up at RAE Farnborough in 1988 to start my working life. Having been offered a job at the "Royal Aircraft Establishment", 18 year old me was somewhat concerned at the sign saying "Royal Aerospace Establishment", and I wondered if I'd arrived at the wrong place.

Which means that whilst I certainly worked at RAE, technically I never actually worked at the Royal Aircraft Establishment.
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There is a group of former 'boffins' from RAE called the Bedford Airfield Historic Group - their secretary is a former colleague - Reg Harlow regharlow@tiscali.co.uk. Barry Tomlinson (Mr Simulation) still lives in Bedford and I imagine he would be a good source Barry Tomlinson <bnt@btassociates.demon.co.uk>
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