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What after 200 H of Flight dispatcher training.

Dear All,

Question, Did you get job some where if you only have 200 H of flight dispatcher training experience,

Thanks in advance.
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Old 23rd Dec 2012, 22:36   #2 (permalink)
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It depends on your Geographical Location,in the U.S sometime Airlines recruit direct from schools..goodluck
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How does it work in Europe? I heard that we don't have a licence in Europe and many have a FAA Dispatcher licence and work in an European environment. What after training? How does a fresh dispatcher get his/her first job after training?

I am considering this career path in case I would be assessed unfit to fly for any reason.
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Old 27th Dec 2012, 19:57   #4 (permalink)
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In Europe the FD licence doesn't exist. This means that whoever is going to train you (FTO or Airline Company) will just issue you a certificate (i.e. you're trained but not qualified). Therefore it is a certificate with absolutely no value, as getting a job as FD in Europe is exacly like getting a job as an all-round assistant: i.e. FDs in Europe don't exist, they're employed as generic ground assistants!

This is what I'm learning, but I might be wrong.
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Old 28th Dec 2012, 18:03   #5 (permalink)
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Yep, you're wrong, most of what you've posted here is not correct.

There may not be one harmonised standard in Europe however some countries do issue and require flight dispatch/flight operations officer licences issued by the national regulator and operate a system similar to FAA style flight dispatch whether they are required by the local regulatory authority or not. They do this because it is a good thing to do. You've heard of KLM?? ; all are trained to FAA standards.

Anything that requires you to study and learn something new always has value and is a foundation on which to build.

Flight dispatchers in Europe do exist and working as one certainly is not like working as an assistant. I am sure the numerous, licensed, professional and experienced people out there who are serious about this profession would disagree with you 100%.

I don't know where you've gotten your info from but your source is highly subjective and not representative of the situation in Europe.

See EUFALDA for more information

Happy Holidays.

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yes my friend, of course professional FDs are serious about their job, but we need to understand how many employers are as serious about it as their employees.
I know Eufalda's battles very well, but I can confirm you that here in Italy FDs are not hired exclusively for their skills. On their contracts it doesn't say "hired as a FD". I wish Eufalda could do something more about this over here, but they didn't succeed so far.
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The main problem you have got is an English usage one.

A flight dispatcher to most pilots in Europe would be better called a turn round co-ordinator and paper work collector. They have zero input into the planning or any technical issues involved in the flight.

Most airlines don't have any "flight dispatchers" if you apply using that term it will never each the right desk.

If you apply for ops officer or ops assistant it might get pushed in the right direction.
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