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Jetplan.com and Jetplanner


Been using Jetplan for around 3 months now and astonished with the quality of the product

it it only me finding it incompetent compared to other flight planning systems like SITA for example as it's the only other system I've dealt with ?

any experiences to share ?
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 12:59   #2 (permalink)
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Its horses for courses. I've been using JetPlanner and Jepp products for years now and never had a problem. No system is perfect and everyone has their favourite.

I personally prefer Jepps over SITA....
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Jetplanner is a great bit of kit but I believe jetplan.com is no up to scratch. We use jetplan.com as a back up in case we had problems with jetplanner but I would never use jetplan.com as our primary flight plannign tool. There are better alternatives or just go with jetplanner if you can afford it.
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There are lots of flight planning system options. The selection of the correct one requires some research on what your real needs are based on; number of aircraft, route structure and flight frequency.

Also be mindful that the output product i.e. the flight plan document used by the flight crew is merely a database output report from the flight planning system that is configured based on what the user wants. Using the output product as a metric to judge the actual quality and efficiency of the flight planning system is incorrect.

The selecting and configuring of flight planning systems can yield significant savings, but needs to be approached with care, Unfortunately, many carriers will devote larger amounts of time, money and effort to selecting an in-flight entertainment system than they will to a flight planning system.

Something to think about; if your flight planning system produces a flight plan that increases operating cost by $10 per flight (fuel, time, ATC costs) and you fly 500 flights a day then your annual operating cost increases by $1.825 million.
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Care to share just why you are so astonished?
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If somebody have access to jetplan.com I would be glad to send you some requests on PM and do them and feed me back with the results if they are acceptable to you and to aviation's basic fundamentals
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