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Distance Learning Aviation Degrees

Hi all,

Does anyone know of anyone who provides Aviation Degree Courses via distance learning?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
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avtech 2000 Qualifications

If above doesnt work google avtech2000

Not a degree course but city and guilds qualification. Do 3 courses, foundation (intro to aviation) , airline ops course and airport operations. Run by nice guy, respected by various aviation related establishments.
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The Aviation Academy at Leeds Bradford offer a foundation degree in Aviation Management and Operations, however the only options are either full time or part time over 2 evenings per week (I think a part time course will be the nearest you may get to distance learning)

I'm doing the full time course in a few weeks so if I find out any more about distance learning there I will give u a bell
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Embry - Riddle in the U.S. has probably the premier Online Degree Program. They offer many aviation degrees and are highly respected throughout the world. I am not sure how it works with Non-Us students. But you could call and get the info on that. I am currently in a online program working towards my Bachelors. Classes and instructors are crafted for working adults. This means they understand you do not have time for lots of assignments. Most classes seem to consist of Mid-term and Final Exams. The occasional quiz. A term paper. Quite a bit of reading, but I find the time to balance full time job, kids, and life in general with no problem. You just have to be self-motivated to keep up with things.
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hi billy the squid

if you find info aobut such a distance laerning degrees please let me know.

the only ones I found are

IATA www.iata.org/training/self_study/ but this not a Bachelor

Associate / Bachelor degree in Aviation runs by Embry Riddle www.erau.edu/ec/dleo/ug_degrees.html
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 20:47   #6 (permalink)

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Distance Learning in Aviation, Travel & Tourism

Flying Birds Aviation is leading organization, that conducts Distance Learning (correspondence) course for Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Tourism.
Distance learning courses: (Correspondence)
Diploma in International Airlines Management (6 months)
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (6 months)
Diploma in Aviation & Airport Management(6 months)
We have the best course materials, prepared by experts from the industry. We provide all training support to our students accross India.
Aviation & Hospitality industry in growing very fast in India, thus giving lots of oppurtunities for employment.
Get a Diploma in just 6 months and start applying for job in the Aviation, Hospitality or Travel & Tourism Industry.

For more details email us: [email protected]
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Try the MSc in Air Transport Management at City University, London. I believe Cranfield also run a similar program but I can only vouch for City, which was fantastic.
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I cant speak from experience re the program at City but Cranfield's program is not distance learning. Their Exectuive MSc requires you to be at the university on a part time basis to attend lectures and take exams.

The course is suited to people who are working full time and cannot take a year off to attend full time. You do it typically over 3yrs (or less if you have the time) and typically would spend 6-8 weeks per year attending condensed lectures.

Feel free to PM for more info.

All the best.
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Old 3rd Oct 2010, 19:24   #9 (permalink)
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Likewise City. I don't believe there is a lot in it between City/Cranfield. Both seem to offer good quality education and networking opportunities. The City MSc involves attending 9 modules; some pre-reading, 3 days at Uni and then 6 weeks of coursework, plus a 15k dissertation.

Hard work, but fun also!
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Old 11th Aug 2011, 04:41   #10 (permalink)

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Try to find on different search engines you will see a lot of result which you are looking for. I just found study online masters degrees as per my requirement.

Good luck with your studies
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Choose carefully..

Be very careful before putting your hard earned cash into any of these courses you find online. Many of these so-called universities and schools are not accredited, they also come with dubious titles that don't correspond to the subject matter being taught. Take this 'flying birds' place mentioned above. A quick look at their website shows that they are located in India; not very practical for those outside of India and the courses offered appear to lack any real subject matter. They also have their company email addresses with Gmail; how professional is that!

Check to see who the lecturers and tutors are. Are they known in the industry? Are they qualified to be teaching you? some of them aren't qualified to teach a dog to sit!

You should also bear in mind that properly accredited schools are the only ones who tie in with the government's education schemes that can benefit those out of work, mature students or those on low incomes so alot of foreign schools, whether they are accredited in their home countries or not, will be unlikely to qualify for this.

Do your research and when it comes to the school you choose; there are lots of unqualified people out there posing as educators, operating out of their living rooms and only too happy to swap your cash for an unrecognised qualification.

Finally, ignore some of these shameless plugs for useless schools (the word 'school' used very loosely) selling useless pieces of paper and go do your own digging.

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After months of digging i found gold Business and Commercial Pilot Training Online
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For someone 40 something wanting to return to aviation after a 25 year gap im looking at the Aviation Foundation course, then followed by Ops and Dispatch course, both offered by Avtech, anyone have any thoughts on this ?
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up, do you have any new info regarding to this?
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