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Boeing 707 IPC

Hi I am going to try to figure out a trottle quadrant from the cockpit of a Boing 707, it is disasamblet but I have to figure it out as it has been like this for a long time, do any af you guys have acces to any IPC ore relevant maintenance book regarding this ?

Best regard

Morten Stoltze
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I am afraid I can not help with the material you wish but from my experience with the 707 a ball peen hammer was always mu most useful tool. Best wishes.

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Or, for the exterior, a length of 4 x 2.
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" Or, for the exterior, a length of 4 x 2."

And a sledgehammer....for the T/R's when they became, ahem, "stuck".

For the OP, all I would suggest is that a Boeing is a Boeing is a Boeing, and thus if you can get hold of any of the 727 / 737 notes, you should be able to get a good idea as to the 707 quandrant.
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As Krystal said, if you want some 737 notes, and relate them to the 707 throttle, this website has a fair bit of info. I would go through and try and locate the relevant notes for you, but im a tad busy at the moment, when i have nothing to do later today or tomorrow, i'll scout through it and see what i can find.

The Boeing 737 Technical Site

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