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Maintenance CD's


Trying to choose between ATP navigator , IML and Cesview. All seem to have there Pro's and Con's. Could anyone give me their opinions on these? Also is there other suppliers I should be looking at ?

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We have all three types and would not recommend IML or Cessview.
Avantext is the best experience but they seem to be losing contracts (Piper).
We are looking at going with ATP as thats what we use for regulatory stuff and it seems to work well. IML has some real issues when you want to print something. OK from a disc but impossible online unless you want the whole chapter. Cessview it slow to operate and the quality of some of the scans is poor. Hope this helps a bit
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And Avantext:

Aircraft maintenance manuals and TechPubs Libraries from Avantext

I'm not a complete expert in this area, but from my little knowledge (hey, it's an Internet forum after all, I'm allowed to ramble on about topics I know nothing about), ATP and Avantext seem to cover most things from a GA perspective.

The MO I'm involved with use Avantext for Lycoming and Continental engine information. We had Cesview for two specific libraries of common aircraft we work on. However, we've just upgraded our ATP subscription from the BE4 package to BE4A. This new package now includes all the Cessna library digitally, rather than only on Microfiche. Therefore, I can't really see us using Cesview too much in the future. Although, Cesview now seem to do online library updates, without having to wait for new DVDs to be delivered.

I'm sure someone will be along shortly with a more informed opinion!
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I use both systems at the moment, we have the ATP for the Cessna 100 series, (which includes the relevant Lycoming, Continental and their propellers) we use them for the FAA and EASA AD and SB compliance.
We also use Avantext for the Piper series after ATP lost the contract, though this has now gone back the other way. Luckily the Pipers we have, the engines and props are covered on the ATP system

The Avantext is an excellent product and has the advantage of being easily portable between systems and laptops by simply installing the DVD. Though the AD SB section is not as easy to use and to get the engines and the props you have to buy the libraries as well, so for Cessna 100 series you would need the Continental Engine, the Lycoming Engine and the Prop DVDs too, this all being updated by DVD's

The ATP system on the other hand is not as easily portable, though it can be installed on a PC and a laptop. I find the AD and SB compilation software to be excellent and once set up an easy system to update and compile. This covers Small Aircraft, so the Cessnas and Pipers are covered on it.
Another advantage is the whole system updates over the Internet with quarterly DVD updates, (though they are not used being web based, simply back ups) including the AD's and SB's, one thing of note though, although it claims to be the complete Cessna 100 series with Engines and Propellers, it is not, the Reims 150 Aerobat does not have the Rolls Royce Continental 0-240 engine and neither the Reims additional airframe manual for the fitment listed under the engine or airframe sections. Indeed none of the Rolls Royce engines are listed.

The only cessview I have experience with was the 172R, and it was very good, but I was under the impression Avantext did them for Cessna.

My ideal world would be the ATP system with the versatility and ease of portability of Avantext.

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