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Old 17th Sep 2002, 14:22   #1 (permalink)
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Word toolbars all gone :(

I have a prob with my PC - in MS Word 2000 all my toolbars have disappeared i.e. all the menus (file/edit/view), (the save/print/open toolbar) and the format toolbar.
All I am left with is the main white page.

Any ideas how I can get the menus back?
Have tried both a simple re-installing, then uninstalling Office completly and reinstalling it and nothing has changed.

I am thinking a full format will have to be done to cure it, but if anyone can suggest anything I am all ears.#

Am using Windows 98SE.

PS. Pic attached to illustrate my prob, if this is against forum rules I apologise.

PPS. Pic deleted - I apologise again.


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Old 17th Sep 2002, 16:40   #2 (permalink)
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See if any of these work:

Word 2000 No Toolbars and Menus, may be missing or personal settings may not be retained:

The Problem

When you start Microsoft Word 2000, your toolbars or menu bar is missing, or your personalized settings are not retained.

The Cause

You may not see toolbars or menus or have access to personalized settings if any of the following conditions are true:

Full Screen is selected on the View menu.
The menu bar or toolbars, or both, are not activated.
A macro is running when Word is started.
A program (such as a Word add-in) has modified the user interface, hiding toolbars or changing your settings.
The Windows registry contains a damaged Word Data key.

How to fix it:

To restore your toolbars, menus, or personalized settings, use any of the following methods appropriate for your situation.

Turn Off Full Screen Mode:

Full screen mode displays as much of your document as possible on the screen. In this mode, Word removes screen elements like the menu bar, toolbars, and scroll bars. To restore your toolbars and menus, turn full screen mode off.

Open a new document, if a document is open, then do one of the following:

* Press ALT+V to activate the View menu, and then press U to turn off full screen mode. -or-

* If the Full Screen toolbar is visible, click Close Full Screen.


Turn On the Default Toolbars:

On the View menu, point to Toolbars. Note whether any toolbars are selected (checked). If none of the toolbars is selected, select the ones you want. To do this, click the toolbar name. Repeat this procedure for each toolbar you want to be displayed. The toolbars selected by default are the Standard and Formatting toolbars. NOTE: If you cannot see the menu bar, press ALT+V to display the View menu, and then press T to display the Toolbar menu. Close and restart Word. If Word starts correctly, you have resolved the problem. The problem is that the default toolbars and menu bar were turned off when you closed Word and Word retained those settings.


Windows Registry contains a damaged Word Data Key

Run "winword.exe /a" for Word 2000 or higher
Delete the corrupted registry value for all versions of Word
1. Exit out of Word 2000. Click on the Start Menu to "Run," type "winword.exe /a" The "/a" switch only works in version 2000 or higher. This will automatically rebuild corrupted values in the registry.

2. Exit out of Word, delete the following corrupted registry value:

Word 97/2000/2002 version numbers are 8.0/9.0/10.0, respectively.
Replace X.0 with the appropriate version number.

\\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\X.0\Data\Toolb ars

When Word is relaunched, a new registry value will be created. Alternatively, you can delete the entire Data key to return your setting back to the defaults, just as it was when you first installed Word.

Remember to make a backup copy of the registry before making any changes and another copy after the changes.
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I assume you have a clear grey area where the menu was before.
In this case, right click on this area and select from the now given choices.

That is the only thing I remember, had similar problems sometimes...but never used win98se...was under W2000
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Success :)


Very many thanks for your advice - I tried running "winword /a" and I now have all my toolbars again after following your instructions.


Thanks also for your input and your fast response to my cry for help

Thanks again

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