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Data Transfer to new PC

Old 10th Jan 2022, 10:46
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Data Transfer to new PC

That time again. I normally back up etc and install all saved data of the new PC, then go through the process of reinstalling software on the new PC, hoping I can find the original discs or product keys.

A quick search on line indicates that there are downloadable programmes which also provide programme transfer at the same time. The cost varies from x to 2x.

Has anyone tried any of these successfully, I'm tempted. I have the names of three of the providers but don't want to be seen as advertising them on here.
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Old 10th Jan 2022, 14:06
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I've used Laplink PC mover a number of times over the years - it seems to get most things over without too much problem

there's the odd bit of (very) specialised software that doesn't come over - well it normally does but I have to get a new key from the provider

Always make a full backup first of course

It's always a bit nail biting but last time I left it running and it all came over without any real problems
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Old 10th Jan 2022, 21:01
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Have you thought of simply cloning your existing disks from your current PC and placing them in your new PC? I have done this successfully in the past, on both servers and PCs, even moving from AMD to intel processors. It does require that you have access to the OS installation disk, on USB, or DVD.

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Old 11th Jan 2022, 07:38
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Originally Posted by Saab Dastard View Post
Have you thought of simply cloning your existing disks from your current PC and placing them in your new PC? I have done this successfully in the past, on both servers and PCs, even moving from AMD to intel processors. It does require that you have access to the OS installation disk, on USB, or DVD.

I hadn't and will look into this.
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Old 12th Jan 2022, 09:36
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This might sound stupid, but most PC's have room for a second or more hard drives, why not simply install the drive off your old PC and disconnect the new one leaving it pristine and unused in case ever needed or setting it up to dual boot, so you can choose which one to use.

I use cloning software on mine, but that will wipe whatevers on the new PC drive or use one drive, see the link. you can also connect up an external HD and transfer, see

When i fired up my new pc it downloaded tons from the cloud and set it up.

you can also get a lead and transfer from your old PC hard drive by USB

Amazon Amazon

Amazon Amazon
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Old 12th Jan 2022, 11:54
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I would recommend a reinstall whenever moving to a new PC, but I must admit that the last time I did this has been a while ago. The 'transfer your data' option within Windows is very useful but does not always cover everything.

Not relevant here, but if you want a seamless transition from one computer to the next, use time machine to backup a Mac(book) and use this when setting up a new Mac(book). You'll create a complete clone of the old system, but on different hardware and based on a clean OS install. Magic!
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Old 13th Jan 2022, 07:59
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I recommend Macrium (sp?) for cloning/imaging, I've used it several times with no problems.
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Old 13th Jan 2022, 08:22
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Some of the more sophisticated software licensing systems literally record the disk block the license was installed in, others use the system-id, although these kinds of systems are not that common. Cloning a disk, especially when a technology jump is involved, will often render these licenses invalid.

However, I think cloning a disk still remains your best option, just remember to preserve the same drive letter after your disk clone, that is, if your current disk uses drive C: then after the clone your new disk should also use drive C: and your old disk changed to another drive letter if still attached.

I once cloned C: to D: once and used D: as the new disk. I previously exported the registry to a text file, did a search/replace for all the C: references and changed them to D: (not as simple as it sounds) then imported it back into the new Windows registry. I got most of it working but there were some systems that didn't work but I didn't care much for them.

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Old 15th Jan 2022, 13:09
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I have recently cloned my hard drive for my "new" PC to avoid all those licence/key issues. The only issue I can see is that you may have to update the drivers for the new PC.

My old PC is built on a Gigabyte GA X58A-USB3 motherboard and the new one is built on a GA X58A-UD3R, which I bought some years ago as a backup and turned out to be brand new still sealed in its antistatic bag so reasonably similar/compatible for cloning. Although everything works, I've been having issues with un-commanded reboots that generate a Kernel Error 41 message and as I write this I am still working on the problem but it seems to be getting better. I did do a reinstall of Windows 10 keeping my files and apps not that that seemed to make much difference. A lot of my drivers are not the latest available and that is what I am primarily looking at.

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Old 16th Jan 2022, 10:45
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We recently had problems with some NVIDIA drivers - on checking carefully it seems they weren't upgrading regularly (even tho it said it was) - downloading new drivers from the website fixed the problems .
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Old 16th Jan 2022, 17:50
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Hidden Devices Drivers

If you do clone your current system disk and put it into your new PC, windows will do the (mostly) right thing and add required drivers. It will NOT remove the old drivers though, So, In the Device manager, select view->show hidden devices and expand every entry in the list, remove any greyed out devices and their drivers (for example the old CPU cores under Processors.

That should obviate strange crashes / BSOD caused by conflicting device drivers (he said from experience).

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Old 17th Jan 2022, 08:59
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Thanks - another task for the list!
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Old 2nd Feb 2022, 15:26
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Got there in the end but what a struggle . After the first reinstall of windows I updated the drivers, but I was still having problems with it crashing and not passing a stress test. So another re-install of windows was performed keeping apps and files , well we'd come too far to give it all up, but I was thinking about a clean install . Unfortunately, that just made it worse again, checked the event log for clues and we were back to the graphics card causing the issue. Investigation showed that the reinstall of windows installed an older driver, soon sorted that out, but still had the crashing issue. After a lot of Googling and trial and error it turned out that BIOS did not take the right settings from the RAM memory I had bought. Entered the numbers manually and hey presto a stable PC .

Still not entirely happy that the memory is running as fast as it should or could, so I will do a bit more tweaking in the bios to see what can be achieved.

I've upgraded and swapped most bits in a PC before but never built a whole new one. It was a very interesting exercise and well worth the effort. Now if I can just find an i7-990X at sensible price although I'm tempted to have a go with an Intel Zeon CPU which are almost as cheap as chips, even for the sporty ones

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