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A Bayeux Tapestry Celebration of PPRuNE

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A Bayeux Tapestry Celebration of PPRuNE

Old 14th Apr 2021, 17:55
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Wink A Bayeux Tapestry Celebration of PPRuNE

In that inexorable and inevitable frustration that transpires when old guys (me) collide with computer world (them), I have found my Promethean dilemma. A great public domain program, Historic Tale Reconstruction Kit - Bayeux Tapestry, exists for the enjoyment of all who desire to take the Way Back Machine 950-some years in the past. One can create an infinite number of cloth-work, such as:

I have downloaded the program and spent a year (!) trying to open it on my almost-new Windows 10 everything up-to-date computer. No Joy! Even attempts to open the .exe file do nothing!

Do any of you genius prodigy types have a clue about opening the accursed file? I beg your assistance lest I be condemned to an eternal fate worse than death, my liver is sore and the boulder gets heavier by the moment. You have my heartfelt thanks in advance!

Bayeux Tapestry Software Download

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Old 14th Apr 2021, 21:23
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Right click on the .exe - properties - compatibility tab

Then try the compatibility troubleshooter, or set to Windows 7 as a start.

Fiddle around with the settings until you get something that works (or give up )
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Old 14th Apr 2021, 21:24
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Oh, and if you find settings that work - write them down!
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Old 14th Apr 2021, 22:22
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Or write them up. Such is the flexibility of writing.
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Old 14th Apr 2021, 22:58
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It is easier just to run it off the web page isn't it? At least it worked for me. I just go to that page you linked to and drag the characters from the left into the middle. If you then click on a character once you have dragged it to the middle you have additional controls on the right hand side to manipulate that character. Also down the bottom to save your work and load it up later if you want.
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Old 15th Apr 2021, 03:30
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Bottom line here is run it online in a browser if you can.

https://github.com/htck/bayeux says:

Attention, you will need to have admin rights if you want to run it on windows. Or set up a development environnement.

Setting up a development environnement

If you do not want to use vagrant, you will need to install the following globally

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo npm install npm -g
sudo npm install -g bower
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli"
I have no idea what any of this is exactly. The sudo ... commands are all Linux commands and who knows how you are supposed to do that in Windows.

Not at all a great idea these days to run sw as "Admin".

Good luck.
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Old 15th Apr 2021, 16:10
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Excellent suggestions, all! Thank you so much. I shall give them a try and report back soon. I have run the program online, as recommended by sargon, but would like to have a functional copy on my machine.

Once again, you have my gratitude!

p.s. If you have some of your own creations, please post them on this thread.

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Old 16th Apr 2021, 08:18
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Looks to me like the download is a set of files that you would install into a Web Server. So you'd need to be running a Web Server programme such as Apache or IIS somewhere on your local network.

Any reason you don't want to use the online version?
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Old 16th Apr 2021, 11:43
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sudo apt-get install nodejs
These tools/instructions are for software developers, you'll struggle without some expert help. As already suggested the online version would be your best bet, but I can relate to not wanting to be on-line for all your fun.
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Old 16th Apr 2021, 17:19
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Originally Posted by Loose rivets View Post
Or write them up. Such is the flexibility of writing.
But surely, you should write across...
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Old 18th Apr 2021, 21:01
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In deference to and consideration of your sagacious suggestions, I have uninstalled htck-Bayeux and shall run it in Firefox 87. Thanks again for all the help!

- Ed
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Old 19th Apr 2021, 09:11
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I had a quick look but can only echo what has been said before: the offline version is meant for experienced web developers as it still needs a (virtual) web server environment to be able to work.
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