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Does PPRuNE have backups?

Somehow all my posts were deleted and I don't know whether it was accidental, or my account got hacked, or if I offended anyone, or if it was a database fault. I've spoken to the admins and I'm told all my posts prior to 20th November 2012 are lost.

I'm not a prolific poster, and my postings were not Shakespeare material, but my little brain was quite fond of them, so now I'm clutching at straws hoping there are backups about.

I recall some time ago a more interesting thread called "photos of everyone" was accidently deleted and could not be recovered.
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If you feel that attached to your posts, you will need to provide your own backups. Easy enough to copy and paste to text file(s).

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For cattletruck

You can see WHERE you posted but not what you posted with this in the search box

cattletruck site:pprune.org

The only other way I know is via the 'waybackmachine' if it still exists.

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cattletruck siteprune.org
About 845 results (0.21 seconds)

That's about close to my post count too. Thanks BOAC
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Wayback Machine

Just to add something to the now closed thread re PPRuNe backups, the Wayback machine still exists, but the last time PPRuNe was crawled by its search engine was 17th June 2011

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Don't expect to find many missing recent posts there
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