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Co-ax cable?

Old 16th Jul 2010, 14:41
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Co-ax cable?

Not strictly computer territory but can anyone confirm that standard co-ax cable is suitable for connecting a second output from a satellite feed splitter?
I have a feeling that I've read that satellite feed cable is more 'upmarket' than bog-standard co-ax .. or is that sales 'hype'?
I take the point that the connectors have to be 'F' plugs.
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Old 16th Jul 2010, 15:21
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As far as I know tiz just 75 ohm cable,it is a bit more rigid than standard 75 ohm domestic coaxial, ie Aerial downcomer,doubt if you would get a F plug on to domestic stuff.

I got some from a cable TV chap round here and ran all me own drop in,all they had to do was connectit up at the pit outside.
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Old 16th Jul 2010, 15:57
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Standard cable has a higher loss than the type used on a satellite dish so using a long length of it will tend to degrade the signal. If it's only a short length then it may work OK. Only way is to try it & see what happens. It may be tricky to fit the connector but looks like you have already thought of that. I have used 5m of standard cable in an installation and it worked OK with no visible signal loss.
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Old 16th Jul 2010, 16:29
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CT 100 is the type of coax that I've always used for satalite feeds, although there are other similar standards which some may argue are just as good. They all have a sheilding which helps reduce signal loss. I believe that with HD TV becoming more popular and accessable a good quality coax is becoming more important.
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Old 16th Jul 2010, 16:55
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It will work, but I doubt you'll be satisfied with the result. The cheap satellite coax is very close pricewise.
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Old 17th Jul 2010, 01:34
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I don't know the specifics of the installation but there are basic guidelines for any installation of RF feeder cables (and we'll restrict this to coaxial cable for this exercise).

1) All cables will have some signal loss.
2) With any given cable, the loss becomes higher as the frequency of the signals transmitted gets higher.
3) Poorer quality cable (invariably lower priced cable) may well have other issues like insufficient shielding, or an earlier deterioration of the outer jacket due to UV or weather degradation.

As a general rule, use the best cable you can find, pay the extra (once only) cost and enjoy the result knowing that you have done all you can in this area to get the best signal to your equipment.

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Old 17th Jul 2010, 11:00
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Thank you all. T'would seem. as ever, you get what you pay for. Duly noted
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Old 17th Jul 2010, 15:39
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Buy real SAT TV cable

For all the reasons above, plus the TV coax, usually has a larger diameter, and thus interface with sockets is not easy.

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Old 19th Jul 2010, 07:29
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Get some RG6 quad or tri-shield cable with appropriate F-type crimp ( not screw -in) connectors.The F-type connectors for either quad or tri-shield cable are different,make sure you get the right ones.
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