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BT Stackserver WTF?

It wants permission to come in on Skype. Wassssat all about then?

Oh, this computer has just got back from London.
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Google is a fantastic search tool

In juts a few seconds the following information was provided :

The "BT" part refers to Bluetooth.
btstackserver.exe is a process that belongs to the Bluetooth Stack COM Server from Widcomm Inc. This process is needed to ensure that the product above is working properly.
The btstackserver.exe process is used by your computer to communicate with bluetooth devices (e.g. bluetooth enabled mobile phones or handheld computers etc) If you connect to your computer using bluetooth devices you should leave this process running. If you do not, it can be safely terminated. btstackserver.exe is flagged as a system process and does not appear to be a security risk. However, removing Bluetooth Stack may adversly impact your system.
The Process Server database currently registers btstackserver.exe to WidComm.
This is part of WidComm bluetooth drivers.
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It allows Skype to use bluetooth headsets, etc. If it's bugging you, maybe you can click on the warning and find an "always allow" option or something.
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