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Electronics Software

Old 7th Dec 2006, 11:23
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Electronics Software

Hey, i am looking for some software for Electronics.

In class we have breaboards and other tools such as power supply and osciloscopes, etc.

I just want some software to replicate this. Doesnt need to be fancy as its just for simple circits and stuff.

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Old 8th Dec 2006, 17:31
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Do you mean a circuit simulator?

Last time I used a sim was a few years ago. I used an obscure but very good program called Simetrix (which I notice, from a google, seems to have been commercialised, from its original UK university origins) and a lousy product called Electronic Workshop which was widely marketed in the USA.

Both are basically user friendly front ends for Spice.

Most PCB design / schematic entry programs (Protel, etc, etc) include a similar analog/digital sim function nowadays, necessary to justify their massive prices.

Sorry this is not up to date; the nature of products I design these days makes them unsuitable for simulation.
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Old 9th Dec 2006, 01:22
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In university at the moment I've been tinkering with Orcad, which I believe is also just a frontend for Spice.
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Old 11th Dec 2006, 08:33
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Yes, Orcad is one of the players I should have mentioned alongside Protel. All these packages are massively bloated with features, to prop up their 4-digit price tags.

If you want something cheap, and don't care about support, you can download all this stuff from P2P networks nowadays

Beware: the learning curve can be awesome.

I still use Orcad SDT/386, 1994 vintage for drawing circuits and generating netlists, and use Protel PCB 2.8 (1995 vintage) for PCB design. Works perfectly.

Every analog sim is going to be a front end for Spice, ultimately.
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Old 11th Dec 2006, 10:44
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Hey Guys. thanks for the replys, i am having a look at all you said. I know nothing about electronics, i dont mind learning, so might just sit down for a few days and figure those programmes out.

At the moment, all i am using is a little board, making amps and led circuits and speakers, microphones, etc. nothing at all advanced.

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