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Hijack This Analyser

Old 30th May 2005, 22:13
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Hijack This Analyser

Whilst trawling through a friends computer mag I came across this website The author of this site claims to have produced an analyser for Hijack This logs. He states that he is not connected with the Hijack This web site. All you have to do is paste your Hijack This log on his site and it automatically analyses your log and provides a readout.

Perhaps somebody who is knowledgeable of analysing Hijack This logs could test this site and report back.

If it is reasonably accurate it should prove to be helpful to those of us, like myself, who don't understand the 'ins' and 'outs' of the Hijack This logs.

Is there anybody out there who can give an educated opinion on this tool?

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Old 4th Jun 2005, 11:14
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Looks like a good way for the authorities to see what (unlikely, I know) unlicensed programs are installed on peoples computers!.
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Old 6th Jun 2005, 12:40
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Will be good if it works - eLiam will take a mighty breather (and anyone else who can interpret them for that matter) ! !

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Old 6th Jun 2005, 18:44
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone who knows can check it out. Would be useful if it works (...and is kept up to date...)
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Old 14th Jun 2005, 11:21
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If you have any problems analysing Hijack This logs then the best place to go is the dev shed forums.

Security and Anti-virus protection forum has a bunch of dudes who will analyse your log for you...
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Old 28th Jun 2005, 00:37
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The use of autoanalysis tools such as this is not advised by the developer of the HJT programme. The ONLY way to analyse a HJT log is by either getting trained to do so (as I have), or bu using a forum such as

Malware is evolving so quickly now that the complex fixes required are not catered for by the autoanalysers.

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Old 14th Nov 2005, 20:24
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Hijack this,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello Helo

Anyway I can strongly recomend using the hijackthis forums..................I have a son who is a master crewchief in bollixing the computer, any amount of pop ups and browser hijackers etc.............mine got really really bad.

I registered with the forum, and it took about 7 or 8 posts to the forum before it was sorted.

The work did involve having a basic knowledge of how the computer works, and if you follow the instructions which are simple you will rid your machine of the dreaded pop ups and crap...


Here it is, Ive got it saved as a favouritr
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Old 2nd Jan 2006, 19:51
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Re: Hijack this,,,,,,,,,,,,

UKBiker is correct in what he says it sounds to me that this site can use the said info to process adaware, malware etc... use the forums .
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Old 23rd May 2006, 17:21
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With regards to my last post on this subject:

It has now become clear that this is a legitimate site and may be used as indicated.

I gained this information from a tweaking expert who assured me that this is the case.

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Old 4th Dec 2006, 09:04
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Another good forum for all things computer related, including help fixing malware problems.


The auto analysers are ok as long as they are kept up to date, but they don't necessarily provide all the info required to ensure proper removal of any problems. For this there is no substitute for getting someone in the know to have a look over the logs and make recommendations.
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Old 9th May 2007, 05:17
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Yet another site which has helped me is
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 20:42
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I'm not sure that's the right site - but yeah, "Hijack This" is an analysis tool, used to check out a computer system. It isn't really nessesary to have it on your computer unless you're employing somebody to run diagnostics on your computer from a remote location, via the web.

Why do you want to install this program anyway? Spyware or Adware problems? (that's usually why people come accross HT )
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 18:09
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Absolutely wonderful toll for tracking down Spyware and other horrors BUT it is is not very easy to interpret. I cross-reference the output both to the Hijack This web site and a general google search. Be extremely careful about deleting any files or switching off any boot actions
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Old 25th Jun 2007, 18:25
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Yeah, my advice is for people NOT to delete stuff if you don't know what it is. Many programmes now come with sub-programmes to allow them to work.

Due to a lot of program piracy - programmes such as Adobe Photoshop which get downloaded illegally on a daily basis now come with programmes in the CS3 Version - without them you can't run Photoshop anymore, which means if you download illegally, is isn't going to work - at least not without re-programming the whole thing, which is incredibly tedious and time consuming.
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Old 15th Jul 2007, 11:07
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TrendMicro now offer HijackThis, updated, Here

Sanctioned by the program author. (Merijn. He's sold (?) it)
Original (final version by Merijn) still available for download Here

Sites that do the analyses seem to be happy to examine results from either version. I notice no major difference between the two.
Important to install the application in its own folder (Typically C: \ HijackThis)
rather than running from the download location.
I've found CCleaner forum
to offer good help, also Castlecops. They are two of many, though.

[EDIT] Suggest if using this latest version that the "analyse this" (upload results to trend micro) button is NOT used, as the privacy policy re: who they share the results with is loose. (ie; no control over what "partners" use the info for.)

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Old 9th Sep 2007, 12:30
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Take care when you use HijackThis. It will produce a log of all the archives and programmes currently on your computer. Not all of them will be infected so be sure you have the correct information before you delete anything.
As indicated, various 'experts' seem to be willing to analyze your log and give you the required info.
I have been in contact with a site in the USA,
The resident experts have been very patiently debugging my computer for the last week or so. It is not a simple process to clean up completely and you just have to follow the instructions carefully. I have had about four hours of work to do all that was asked of me.
Finally, my computer is clean and quick, at last!
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Old 29th Sep 2007, 01:54
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G-BOY, my advice (and what I do when a customer gets me to set up a Windows box for them) is to install and run HT before anybody gets the chance to start scr*wing things up. I rename the log file it produces to include the date, so it doesn't get over-written by subsequent runs of the program. Having a base-line "known good" list of what's installed and running makes cleaning up a spyware infection a hell of a lot easier.

The analyser is a useful adjunct to my own experience in helping me decide what to delete, but is no substitute.
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Old 14th Sep 2008, 18:52
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There is an add-on for firefox called 'Malware Search' basically you import the log file into FF highlight the line you're interested in, right click and use malware search to look up the entry in various data bases.
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