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Avgas prices in Central/South America

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the prices of AvGas in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia? I will be flying a single engine Cessna from Denver, CO to Bolivia and can't find much information on AvGas prices (actually, I can't find much info on anything). Does anyone have any good websites or sources of info where I could find FBO's, airport hours of operation, hotels near local airports, etc. I'm only used to flying in the United States where there's an abundance of info online and through publications.

Thank you so much, in advance!
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6+ USD a gal in Belize, not as much, but hi $ in the countries you mention.
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Costa Rica:

Only 3 airports have Avgas, no FBO's fuel is sold by RECOPE a gov't company.

Quality and service is very good, price around $5/gal.

MRLR-Liberia Guanacaste, long paved rwy, sea level, good weather VOR App; it is located in the NW part of the country next t the Pacific Ocean, near the border with Nicaragua.

MROC-Alajuela(radio call sign EL COCO), this is the main international airport and the only ILS in the country, lots of traffic, which includes light aircraft.

MRPV-Pavas, San Jose, light aircraft airport, visual approach and daylight operation.

Nicaragua: try to stay away; the only acceptable airport in Managua MNMG.

El Salvador: Comalapa International, next to the Pacific Ocean, long rwy and ILS MSLP.

Guatemala: La Aurora, Guatemala City. the main international airport, MGGT.

Panama, David close to the border with CR, MPDA, Panama City MPMG former Albrook Field in the Canal zone, now Marcos Gelabert. Stay away from Tocumen, MPTO: very busy, far from the city and not very general aviation friendly.

PM me for more info.

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Hello Flyer,

I am currently flying Within the US, Central America and Caribbean / Corporate.

4,800+ Miles in a single engine? An adventure of a lifetime if done right if you ask me!

Anything I can be of help PM me, numbers, contacts, got most of them, if not, I'll help you find info needed.

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In Brazil in the states bordering the amazon, and the amazon state expect to pay around U$ 3,00 a liter.
If you need to know about a specific airport I can try to find out for ya.

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and I thought Belize avgas was high !!
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Flying VFR is tricky

I am a LIDAR operator currently flying in a Cessna 206 in Honduras. on a VFR ferry flight heading from panama city to Limon Costa Rica we encountered heavy rain and dense clouds. Running out of fuel we landed in Bocas Del Toro panama, it took 3 days to have a barrel of AVgas shipped over to refuel and leave.
As a result of the 3 extra days our landing in Managua Nicaragua was delayed, we did not let them know we where on the way and they fined us $1000 for landing.
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In Colombia and Peru avgas is around $6 - $7 / gal nowadays.

Cartagena - SKCG: fair amount of General Aviation. Lots of hotels, beautiful downtown area to visit.

Cali - SKCL: I believe going south this is the last airport in Colombia that is officially a port of entry. If you want to leave the country via Tumaco or other more southern airport you need special permission I believe. Cali has good service, a few GA aircraft, avgas. Airport hotel has 12 rooms and is regularly sold out but more hotels in Cali or Palmira.

Guayaquil - SEGU: Lots of General Aviation traffic, easy in and out. During normal business hours there's a GA facility which functions similar to an FBO. Airport is in the city, hotels nearby.

Peru: Only Trujillo (SPRU), Lima (SPIM) and Pisco (SPSO) officially have avgas. Avoid SPIM if you can because it's quite busy with airline traffic and really has no General Aviation facilities. Trujillo and Pisco are good GA airports. If you do want to land near Lima try SPLX which is private (google Master of the Sky). SPLX has avgas but not sure if they sell to the public or for in-house use only.

I usually fly to Colombia via FL to Jamaica:

Delivering the first airplane for USMP Ciencias Aeronáuticas « Contract pilot tales
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Avgas availability in SA

The comments in this thread are most helpful as I plan some extensive touring in South America. I would appreciate any additional information anyone might have on Avgas availability in selected locations. I'm less bothered by the price, but info on this is always useful.

Bogota, Colombia
Cuenca, Ecuador
Iquitos, Peru
Belize City, Belize
La Paz, Bolivia
Salta, Argentina
Montevideo, Uruguay
Mercedes, Uruguay
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Any and all GA airports in Chile with AVGAS

I'm also looking for leads on insurance carriers for this trip. US companies are hesitant to offering it.

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Anybody with more recent info on the best stopping points when going US - Caribbean - South America - Fallklands - Chile - Easter Islands etc?

I'm flying around the world and my Ravin 500 has a normal range of 2,600nm (LOP, 160USG wing tanks) and an extended range of 3,400nm (66 USG turtle-pac ferry tank in the back seat), so I'm quite flexible.

Any recent info or advice would be welcome - just note that I'm not under any kind of time stress ("flying hobo"), so ideas for great places to visit is welcome.

Regards from (currently) Los Angeles
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In the past year I've been to Nassau, Cartagena, Bogota, Montego Bay, Panama City, Lima, Chiclayo (Peru), Manta (Ecuador), & Arica (Chile).

There definitely is AvGas in the first 3 places (info current as of this month), but I'm not 100% sure about the rest.

As far as recommendations - Cartagena is a fabulous place to see (spend a few days!) and if you need a simple night stop, Manta has a wonderful FBO run by a fantastic Ecuadorian couple. (Not much to see there but way less hectic than the larger airports in that country.) Chiclayo also was a nice, quiet fuel stop. I highly recommend Arica if you need something in Northern Chile. Basically - no bad experiences in any of the above places I mentioned (except I will avoid Lima at all costs next time!!!!! Just too busy, chaotic...) however, we had pre-arranged handling in all of them. Oh - and Bogota is a great place to be a tourist too... loads of things to see!!!

Enjoy the adventure!

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Avgas is available in the Falkland Islands, it is about $13 US gallon.
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Handling Charges

I'm planning a trip to Colombia during the Holidays. You mention that you had pre-arranged handling during your trips. Is it mandatory? How much does it cost? I have travelled extensively in the Caribbean and Central America but never to South America. Thanks.
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This website Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot's Guide, Bahamas Flying, Bahamas Aviation - Pilot Publishing have precious information about caribbean airports, including fuel price and weather.

I usualy flew small planes from US to Brazil and this site help me much.
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