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Caribbean pilot jobs

Hello everyone,

I did a few searches in the thread and didn't quite find what i was looking for so I want to ask it here.
I have a canadian CPL + MIFR and was curious to know if there are any Caribbean operators who hire with 250 hours on a light twin or single.
I really want to live in the Caribbean for a few years and do some flying there.
I searched for a few operators but don't know where to start and how the process works. How does the hiring work there?
Please, if you have any information that can help me let me know.

Good day

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Caribbeans Hiring

Did you find any Company that is hiring in the Caribbeans yet?
Best a regards.
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Are you a Caribbean national or do you have a work permit ? If not, good luck finding employment, at least in the English speaking Caribbean.
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You will need at least a thousand hours to get a job down there, and at least 200 twin. Unless you are a local.
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Not a chance, unless you get a job as SIC most places by local regulations ask 500 hours TT (plus XC, and night time) to fly charters VFR and 1500 hours TT to fly IFR. Unless you look into Guyana and Suriname not much single engine jobs..btw you still need 500 hours +

Not sure how many would put a 250 hour pilot buzzing around in a light twin with pax...
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