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How not to treat your passengers

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How not to treat your passengers

Old 3rd Jan 2020, 02:11
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How not to treat your passengers

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Old 4th Jan 2020, 00:15
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There are two aspects to this.

Who made the decision to deny boarding? Was it the flight crew or MedLink? If the flight crew, the Captain's hands were likely tied if an FA turned around and said they were denying boarding. Despite the rank on the shoulder, a Captain cannot override the decision of anyone under their command when it comes to denied boarding for any reason at any of the companies owned by the crystal palace in Calgary. If it was MedLink, that's on the doctor and the Captain again cannot override that decision. So the denial of boarding, while perhaps extreme given this is a small child in a new environment, is not the issue. Gabor Lukacs knows not of what he speaks, despite his on-high attitude.

The issue is how the passengers were handled after the fact. Yes, the rules may say that only the passenger who was denied boarding gets a refund and everyone else who got off did so of their own volition and in this case because the passenger was a minor, so too did one of the parents. Common sense, however, would say you're dealing with a family at Christmas and a mishandled event will gain national attention quickly. So, make sure they're OK and move them onto the next flight. Hell, get them there sooner even if it means going through YEG. Whatever you do, don't take them through the wringer. That's where this all fell apart, but what does one expect when you pay peanuts?

But, this is all for not. No one will remember or care about this the next time they want to fly. They'll look at the price, see that instead of paying $1,400 return with WestJet from YHM to YXX, they can pay $200 return with Swoop. All their cares about how that poor family was mistreated at Christmas time will be gone before they click "next." And when they do, they reinforce to Swoop and every other ULCC that you can treat people like crap, and they'll come back for seconds.
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Old 4th Jan 2020, 05:28
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KIds throw up - Fact, especially when travelling - Cabin crew are used to it, or Bl***y well should be!

You dont call up Medlink if a kid throws up as a first thought -
The pax had only just boarded. She was 3 - it was stupid oclock and she was nervous, 1st time flyer - she was fine afterwards.

Shocking treatment of the family.

The only time one would consider an offload (or a divert if en-route) is if the Pax had described they were already, or had been ill (stomach bugs/infection/viruses etc etc) and were flying out of dodgy places...
I cannot see that this was the case here.
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Old 7th Jan 2020, 17:45
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Sounds like you were on that flight or privy to all the details, to give such a clear cut opinion.
Undoubtedly, this family ensured that they complied with all precautions and purchased trip cancellation and health insurance for their journey?
Is it your opinion that passengers are forthcoming with their health status and prepare themselves in the event?
I remember being in OCC one day, when they were advised that a disembarking passenger told the Lead FA that they thought they may have Spinal Meningitus. This was from a oceanic flight and there were a number of passengers who were connecting onto other flights.
My company also picked up a passenger from Mexico to return, home. The FA's were compassionate and ensured that this passenger, who was complaining of GI pain, had a row to herself. The passenger rushed numerous times to the use the lav. Unfortunately, there came a time when the lavs were all occupied and she elected to drop her gear and defecate on the rear galley floor, where the galley carts and food were stored. Guess who had to clean it up? Would you eat food from that galley?
If Medlink said to offload, then that's what you do. When the L1 door is open, the rights of the majority override the rights of the individual.
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Old 16th Jan 2020, 17:45
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For **** sake. If they had been allowed to travel and the vomiting had turned out to be caused by something serious, the airline would be vilified for not exercising an abundance of caution. Of course they're going to offload someone vomiting - they're not doctors, expected nor trained to make the judgement on medical cases! No, kids don't normally "throw up, especially when travelling" as a rule. Vomiting can indicate anything from something completely benign to something extremely serious. Flight safety is all about risk management, take your pukey kid and look after them somewhere more suited to do so than a enclosed metal tube hurtling through the air.

It would seem the situation was handled clumsily afterwords, but that doesn't make the decision to offload wrong whatsoever.

Yes, it's a shame that their child's sickness ruined their holiday but guess what - they're nowhere near the first or the last family for that to be the case. Trying to pin it on someone or something else is just a sign of the times we live in.

As far as self-appointed "passenger advocates", clueless as usual.
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Old 17th Jan 2020, 07:04
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I worked for holiday airlines most of my aviation career from 1971 - Trust me little kids throw up LOL - Just like when they get car sick - You guys must live in a very different world?
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Old 17th Jan 2020, 18:15
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Originally Posted by rog747 View Post
I worked for holiday airlines most of my aviation career from 1971 - Trust me little kids throw up LOL - Just like when they get car sick - You guys must live in a very different world?
ok Boomer, thanks for advising us how they did it in the old days.
I guess like you, we shouldn’t evolve and learn from past mistakes.
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Old 17th Jan 2020, 21:29
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There's a whole process, vitals, info, etc. for medlink and similar services before something like an offloading decision occurs. That didn't happen. If they were that concerned why didn't they call airport paramedics to attend? And why did they remove the entire family?

Poorly handled onboard and poor service after the fact.
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