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Brampton Flight Centre vs Moncton Flight College, Which is better for training?

Tried to look for the above question on the forum to no avail.

For those will more current information about these two reputable schools, which would you recommend for international students?
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Old 12th Apr 2018, 16:02   #2 (permalink)
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My friend was working on his commercial license at Brampton. He had bad experiences there. I don't know anything about Moncton.
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10 years go I started my training at MFC. It was very good but we weren't flying much as they had too many students.

My advice is to just go to the nearest flying club from your home. At the end of the day you will get the same license as anyone else.
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Always recommend VFC, based at an International airport, little traffic, beautiful vfr, however not the cheapest.. but quality.

That's Victoria Flying Club... was once chastised on this forum for assuming everyone knew this ))

Basing my experience on late 90's... but I assume nothing has changed.
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Brampton is a laid back environment - with lots of local people gradually obtaining their licenses with a mix of soon to be professional pilots in training.

Moncton Flying Club - if you were to attend - you are there for the sole purpose of training - as is a majority of the students.

If you like living your life while training - Brampton is best - if your only focus is flying - Moncton is best.
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Thanks for the great responses. I am also being recommended to strongly consider Harv's Air School St Andrew's Campus. How does it compare to the above two.
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Four schools have been mentioned: BFC, MFC, VFC, and Harv's. If you are considering each, it must be that you will consider relocating for your training. Therefore, while considering what each school has to offer, also consider the locale.

Brampton area, close to Toronto, lots to do otherwise, but moderately expensive to live.

Moncton area, a little less to do than Toronto area, and lower living cost.

Victoria (Sydney, BC), Beautiful! Lots to see and do, very expensive to live.

Harv's, St Andrews (not too far from Winnipeg), it's the prairies, not so much to do, and you can see a long way on a clear day, even just standing. But cost of living is lower. Selkirk, just north of Harv's is actually a pretty nice town.

If the training were equal at each school, then consider the relationship of your other life activities and cost. If you're dedicated to only fly, keep the other costs and distractions to a minimum. If your flying is going to be a part of your awesome life, it's going to cost you more, but go somewhere with a lot to offer...

I learned at BFC, and have flown at each of the other places discussed many times. I have found the weather to be a little less consistent VMC in the Maritimes (Moncton).
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