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Perhaps Air Canada should do their maintenance in Canada...

Instead of sending their aircrafts overseas (in this case Singapore)...

It seems an Airbus 330 in for a complete refurbish and maintenance in Singapore fell off the jacks while they were performing gear retractions.

The article states that there is heavy damage done to the aircraft, to its engines, wings and fuselage.

In the article, they are saying that it will take a minimum of 6 months to repair.

However later reports after further investigations now seem to say the aircraft is totaled!

Sorry I could not find an English version of the article which appeared in French in a Montreal news outlet...

Un avion d'Air Canada s'affaisse au sol... dans un hangar • Actualités • 98,5 fm Montréal
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Jet jockey, you are SO right! On top of the second rate work being done by various of-shore outfits,Canada is losing the chain of skills which will bite us when we do get a government and companies who try to return the chain of experience back to our shores! Bean counters running companies with ONLY dividends in mind are destroying our industries and future prosperity, we don't need any American VPs "hit men" running this once great nation. The attempt to ban the wearing of remembrance poppies is an indication of how deep the rot in senior management really is. There, now I feel much better!

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