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Here's how to get a job in Canada

Canada The great white north. A BIG country with few people and LOTS of aviation.

Here's how to get a job in Canada

Old 14th Jan 2014, 17:40
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Sorry, I should have qualified the statement!

Being a helicopter guy, I don't think airplanes right away.

400 hrs PIC minimum for a rotary Class IV was the rule last I checked, that I am happy to see.

Very few rotary pilots in Canada ever hold a private.

Good to see someone is addressing the gap.
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Old 14th Jan 2014, 17:49
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It is true that Rotary wing instruction is usually at a higher level of quality than fixed wing instruction pilot and apprentice.

Actually the difference in fixed wing flying and rotary wing flying is quite noticeable due the the nature of the controls and the control inputs required to fly them.

I was quite fortunate to have had an excellent rotary wing instructor when I did my Commercial helicopter License from fixed wing to helicopter, it only took 25 hours of helicopter training to get the license.
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Old 27th Feb 2014, 07:02
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is it really that easy in Canada? i've heard that a lot of pilots don't get hired even with multiple type ratings but i'm a skeptic about the pilot hiring difficulty just like i think you are
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Old 13th Apr 2014, 14:40
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Does EASA part 66 B1 license recognize able by the Canadian goverment.I mean I am currently studying for EASA license and my family wish to apply for immigration in Canada.Would this license be useful to me in Canada...Will I get job...??
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Old 23rd Jul 2014, 22:32
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As someone who has lived in Canada for 25 odd years, I get sick of reading these "heres how to get a job in Canada" by red necked characters with a bitter anti foreigner attitude.

First, Canada is one of the easiest places on earth to work illegally, and its easily done even as a pilot, be even a private pilot operating their own Chisel Charter operations, in fact throw in a foreign registered aircraft, no flight plans and it all disappears off the map.

If you want to come fly in Canada, don't believe all the anti foreigner crap on this or AvCanada by the same clown.

Just walk into any flight school and take a look at the students and ask them where they will be working..

If you spend enough time in Corrupt Canada you will wish you had never come but that's another story.
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Old 24th Jul 2014, 00:36
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ramjet, at least you are honest enough to tell us how much of a crook you are.
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Old 28th Sep 2014, 12:49
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I looked it up about the " eligible to work in canada" rule. So basically it is a circle. To get a job, the employer requires you to be eligble to work in canada. But to get this from the authorities, the employer needs to give certain documents (lmo issue). Well i guess it was again too nice to be true, but understandable from the the canadian point of view.
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Old 28th Sep 2014, 15:23
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The Circle as you call it is just a hurdle to be jumped as are hurdles anywhere in the world when you go to change country for a variety of reasons.

Let's deal with Canada.
If the job is advertized then you might be the only applicant, No Canadian might wish to take the job for obvious reasons.

Prior to applying you need to satisfy the prerequisites, written exams, medical, etc. That gives you a CPL.. Once you line up a job, then you will need to have the job offer and paperwork in hand and exit the country for a Canadian High Commission probably in the USA.

Then its a drive back, fresh work permit and you do a PPC and or instrument rating ride if required.

Then you are working but, only for that specific employer.

There there is nothing much stopping you from changing employer except ramp checks or border crossings that would leave your outside of Canada or arrested as border official can and do ask for pilot licenses.

Once you have that first job, you will then need to satisfy the other grounds that will enable you to legally change jobs and or your status in

So, you can come to Canada as a tourist, find a job, get a work permit and work for an operator that no Canadian Pilot is willing to work for which should give you some stark warnings about your likely length of employment.

It's not for the easily discouraged and it won't be easy, it will be be more difficult than the vast majority of Canadian pilots are capable of contemplating because they have not been and won't be in such a situation.

Expect to encounter low life personalities who hate foreigners no matter where you come from.

Just read the defamatory personal attacks on this forum.
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Old 16th Oct 2014, 10:53
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Old 16th Oct 2014, 12:23
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all of this at 30 below for 6 months a year...sounds tempting!
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Old 27th Dec 2014, 22:27
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Right now, Dec 17. 2014, we have had several days of +5 or so and 20 years ago, no one would have believed a Christmas with those kinds of temps.

Even in the far north, temperatures have just jumped in the last few decades.

Now for North of 60, your shock will not just be from the -30 or even colder. I remember the first time I went out in -48 and what really gets to you is the 24 hour darkness, the sun kind of creeps up a bit in the middle of the day and disappears.

The reverse is that you get to see the sun above the horizon late into the evening and it's really damaging to your sleep cycle, at least it was for me.

Now, take a supply of Vitamin D, get lots of exercise, lots of sleep and watch out for all the insidious effects of what is called "winter blues" not just by yourself but by everyone else.

Otherwise it can be incredibly beautiful and an experience.

If you are single in some of those locations, you will be regarded as fresh meat so keep the big stick handy..
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Old 28th Dec 2014, 05:49
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Angel helicopter flying job in Canada

Hi , Can someone also give an insight into the helicopter flying opportunities in Canada.
I am a helicopter pilot from India with 3500 Total time and 2800 PIC , will getting a Canadian license and applying for Permanent Residency or entering Canada as dependent to my spouse (On PR Visa) help in getting a job ?
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Old 28th Dec 2014, 17:24
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The Canadian aviation web site "AvCanada" has a helicopter forum.

This might help as well: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
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Old 19th Jan 2015, 14:07
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Devil Conversion Formalites

Hello I have read your post about working in Canada
I have a query on that ,My query is
I have a a CPL license of New Zealand I am living in India so what are the formalities I have to complete there to get it converted to Canadian Cpl and what is scope of a job in local airlines of Canada for a foreign personal.

Please Reply ASAP
or tell me the website if any is there where it is given that what are the formalities to be completed for the conversion of NZ CPL to Canadian Cpl
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Old 20th Jan 2015, 15:23
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www dot google dot com
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Old 29th Jan 2015, 06:33
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one tip also is dont over negotiate your contract with your employer
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Old 21st Mar 2015, 08:14
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Kenn Borek

Can anyone recommend a good flight school in Calgary for CPL / IR License conversion and a source of study material for the CPAER and INRAT exams?

Does anyone have any information about Kenn Borek, when are they likely to hire new co-pilots, what qualifications and minimums do they seek?

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Old 21st Mar 2015, 22:51
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Kenn Borek Air has a web page with a career section.
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Old 22nd Mar 2015, 01:34
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Valid Commercial License
Multi-engine Instrument rating

Any information beyond that listed on their website would be of much help.

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Old 6th Apr 2015, 19:37
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JazzHRB - Before thinking of working in Canada, you need a work Visa. They are clamping down on foreign work visas at the moment.

If you get a work visa you will then need to:

Get a Cat 1 medical, which you will need before anything as you need the number for exams etc.

Sit the CPL written exam. You don't need the 80hours ground school if you're converting a NZ CPL. You also don't need a letter of recommendation to sit the exam. You will if you don't get it on your first attempt. A good website where you can get all the study material is pilottraining dot ca.

You will then need to complete the CPL flight test. It is quite different to the NZ flight test, so you will need a few hours learning how they do it in Canada.

Once that has been completed you will need to get your logbook checked. You will need to prove you have done a 300nm x country flight. That's 300nm from the point of departure, not as a round trip. Proving that you did 2 landings along the way. The 3rd counts the landing at the destination at least 300nm away. You need 25 instrument time, of which 10 can be in a simulator. If you wanted to convert a night rating, you need 10 hours night, and if you're multi rated you need to have done 50 hours multi in the last 12 months to get it credited to your licence.

Once all that's done, then you are legally able to try find work as a pilot in Canada. It's a big country, lot's of flying from skis, floats, wheels, airliners etc.

It's a massive commitment, one that is costly, and one that doesn't guarantee success, but if it pays off, it is very rewarding.

Good luck!

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