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Float course in Canada

Hey guys and merry Xmas!

Can anyone please tell me what the story is with these 50hr float courses people can come and do in Canada?

From what I've heard you can get 25hrs dual and 25hrs solo on floats which sounds very valuable in regards to float experience.

Any info would be great!
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50 hours would be an excellent amount of training to bring you to competency. It exceeds the required minimum, but that's a good thing, as the minimum is only a license to get a plane wet, you've got lots more to learn after training the minimum. I'm sure that you can arrange any amount of training with most schools. I can highly recommend Lake Country Airways, in Orillia, just north of Toronto, everything you could want in float and landplane training, in a quiet environment. They will accomodate any training you would like.

Lake Country Airways: floatplane training, endorsements, float charters and rentals
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Question Floats and JOBS??

hi my canadian mates,

if i follow the 50hr float course , what are the chances of finding a job?
happy new year
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First off, you'll need a work permit; without that, all discussions are moot.

Generally, the more time on floats, the better off you'll be in finding a job. If you're lucky, have a decent attitude/work ethic and personality, you'll get a seat in your first summer. If not, you'll probably end up working the dock, having all of the above assessed, and be in line for a seat in the fall for next summer...

Good Luck!
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