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Canada The great white north. A BIG country with few people and LOTS of aviation.

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As I read it, taking additional hold fuel would (may) have put them over hence not being able to hold long enough to get in.

No need to yell...perhaps less axe grinding. He even said he was speculating.

There are NO pillars of virtue in the business.
You don't plan a flight to carry so much fuel that you're too heave to land at your destination unless you plan on holding until you burn off enough fuel to allow you to land. Which begs the question why you would do it in the first place. If you're looking for a weather change, delay the flight on the ground until it will have you arrive after the forecasted change is likely to have occurred.

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So a 737 can't carry enough fuel for a 30 minute hold on an extremely short sector yyz/yow?! Were they carrying Calgary as an alternate? There are a ton of close by alternates so final reserve couldn't be that high... what you had was a guy thinking more about his profit share than the weather and taking min fuel on a day he should have boarded some extra...
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Gotta love the aviation scene back in good old Canadia! No love between the brothers and sisters eh?
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Also did they not have a problem with Transport Canada with their maintenance in their first couple of years when they almost lost their Operating Certificate?

Just to be fair, as I am no big fan of being a crunched up part of the audience in the cookie pusher comedy club, this was a result of a vindictive and vicious action by a TC employee...IIRC it resulted in a fairly large lawsuit and the employee getting fired.
As a bit of drift, the said employee then managed to get TC to authorize him for all sorts of import certifications etc. Started his own consulting company and apparently did well until he got caught fabricating some import certifications , and TC finally had enough.

WJ has an amazing marketing department..So good in fact that I think they maybe believe no lie can not be spun to be believed..Cheaper fares....not anymore? Tighter seating...and yes, I admit again, I am not a fan...once after standing in line for over an hour with 1/2 the check in counters sitting empty as sweet young owner told me that they would do absolutely everything to get my bag on the plane, but as I had checked in late they could not guarantee it...Then put a big "Retard" sticker on my bag.(BTW I know enough French to know that Retard actually means Anglais.)
Sorry for the drift...
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