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Comments from passengers out of Cairo

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Comments from passengers out of Cairo

Old 10th Feb 2011, 21:38
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Comments from passengers out of Cairo

Good Afternoon All:

Although the comments below show gratitude towards Air Canada with the two recent rescue flights out of Cairo. The flights were chartered by the Canadian Government one was a B-777 and the other I believe was an A-330.

Before making any pedestrian gratuitous comments please consider this. What would you be feeling if you were in a Middle Eastern country such as Egypt with no communications and no access to money or a way out.

"I was on the first Air Canada flight out of Cairo last week. I want to thank you for the wonderful job that your crew did to come to Cairo and take us out of a very stressful and scary situation. I know in talking with some of the crew members that they volunteered for duty on that flight and they are to be commended for what they did. My wife and I and the group we were with were never so happy to see that big Air Canada maple leaf. The whole scene was pretty tense as I am sure you have heard. The plane was dead quiet until the wheels left the tarmac and then there was a huge cheer and a few tears knowing that we were on our way out and back home. Thanks so much to you, your company and your terrific crew. "

"I was one of the passengers leaving Cairo on the charter flight. I know that the crew of our plane volunteered and waited for us for many hours in Cairo. Once we were on the plane, they were kind to us and made sure we made it through. Ollie (I believe it was his name) took extra effort to make us feel relaxed (after such a harrowing experience) and even made a special vegetarian meal for myself and a friend so that we could eat as food was scarce in the Cairo Terminal. Leaving Cairo was chaotic, stressful and scary. But because of this crew, we felt like it was going to be ok.

"I also wanted to commend Air Canada customer service and ticketing in Frankfurt, for helping us find a connecting flight. There are no words for the kindness people show when you are in a state of confusion, and mentally exhausted. Please pass on my thanks as I wouldn't have made it home to my family without them."

"We would like to express our sincere thanks to Air Canada for their wonderful treatment of our daughter. She was one of the first evacuees from Cairo that day and fled with the clothes on her back and one backpack. They were unable to access their accounts in Cairo and only had whatever room they had on their credit card to pay for flights. We were unable to contact them as they all carried Egyptian cells that were still being blocked. Thank you to Air Canada and all the wonderful people who assisted them. We will be forever grateful to all of you."

"I was one of the Australians who was lucky enough to be allowed to evacuate Cairo, Egypt with Air Canada on Monday, January 31st. I wanted to extend my utmost gratitude to all of the staff and crew and anyone else who had any involvement in the evacuation to Frankfurt. I don't think that Air Canada is aware of the appreciation that myself and my fellow Australian travellers have for everything you did for us. Words cannot express how grateful I am."

"My 82 year-old mother was trapped in Alexandria, Egypt and I could find no way to get her out. She was evacuated to Amman, Jordan and I had the grueling task of trying to get her to my home in the US. No one would allow me to purchase a one way ticket out of Jordan on short notice due to security issues. After five hours of searching, I was in tears and at my witís end. I remembered that Mother was a frequent flyer with Air Canada. I gave it a shot...I was fortunate to get Kim in reservations in Tampa. She dropped everything and went to work on getting Mom out. She assured me that the handwritten number I had would be all Mother would need to travel. Kim was caring and careful to make sure I had everything I needed to bring her home. Through Jordan, Frankfurt, Toronto and all the way to Nashville she made every connection. She arrived ON TIME with her luggage. I could not be any more grateful. I would like to thank Air Canada (and especially Kim) for bringing Mother home safe last night. I now know why Mom insists on flying Air Canada whenever possible. "
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Old 11th Feb 2011, 01:07
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Sounds like a feel good press release by AIR CANADA to me. I think all Canadians should show GRATITUDE to Air Canada.
Just sayin.
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 13:05
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You mean to tell me Emirates didnt rush in to get their Canadian friends out? Hard to belive ! Mind you I think a few at the top at UAE are a bit nervous watching democracy emerge in the ME!
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 13:32
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I guess even AC cabin crew would look good to somebody stuck in CAI for the past 18 days. Yup, your hard earned tax dollars at work! AC was able to give it's employees a whopping 500 bucks worth of shitty stock, so they could probably afford the gas for a few flights to Cairo and back.
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Old 12th Feb 2011, 16:42
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Yup, your hard earned tax dollars at work!
AC was able to give it's employees a whopping 500 bucks worth of shitty stock,
Not quite up to date are you? A little confused?

Not much info in the twilight zone eh?
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 13:26
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Vic 777, one has to understand that AC, by dint of being the largest airline in Canada, sends out more PFO letters than all the others combined , this goes a long way to explain posts from the likes of Sec3!
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 15:48
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Wrong again you old fart! Never got one of those. By the time I had enough hours to apply, I had a job flying heavies. Havn't looked back since.
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 16:44
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PFO, really? CLUNK you are letting that arrogant AIR CANADA elitism seep out.
I hope they are sent in both official languages.
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Old 15th Feb 2011, 00:50
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Nice job Air Canada! You are always there when the government of Canada asks. Many thanks to the crews and employees who always safely operate the flights, and that includes ALL staff involved in such an operation.
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Old 15th Feb 2011, 06:26
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AC has sent rescue flights to distressed places before and will continue, as does WJ. If you are stuck in a place like Haiti or Cairo, seeing that big Maple Leaf on the ramp and hearing the dual language welcome / safety briefing makes you damn glad you're Canadian, not to mention proud.

In times like this petty comments are unwarranted, we can be better than that.
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Old 16th Feb 2011, 15:28
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Yup, your hard earned tax dollars at work!
Quite frankly I'd rather my hard earned tax dollars being spent on sending AC or WJ to disaster areas to bring Canadians home rather than spending them on some BA student to go "find themselves".

Fully agree with CIAS - seeing that big maple leaf when youre in trouble and need to come home is a big boost!

Good on ya AC.
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