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Converting JAA license to Canadian!

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Converting JAA license to Canadian!

Old 29th Feb 2008, 08:21
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Converting JAA license to Canadian!

Hi there
I've a JAA license and I want to convert it to Canadian license. Is this a long journey and time consuming and does it cost a lot om money?
Total hours ca 600 and of that just over 100 on twin.

Well if we start then I have:
CPL (ME with instrument)
ATPL frozen
And at the moment I'm finishing my first type rating (Saab 340)

I have also FAA CPL (ME IR) but it is not valid, it was few years ago I was in the States.

So what can I do (I guess it is not only going to the Canadian CAA and convert my license)?

Hope to hear from you guys

With regards,
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 08:36
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You do not have enough hours to write the ATPL exams so I believe you would have to do the CPL exam instead and then do the ATPL exams later. There isn't a frozen ATPL system as such, although you do get 2 years once you have written the exams to do the other ATPL requirements, but you need the hours. I think it may be 1500 but someone may correct me on this. Do not worry, they are cheap (ie around $100 each), unlike the JAA ones. If you want to fly 2 crew aircraft you write the IATRA exams which are similar.

You will need to do a flight test which, again since your hours are low I believe will involve an instrument rating flight test and possibly the elements associated with a multi-engine flight test as well.

And you will need a Cat 1 medical (done by a Canadian AME, this can be done in Europe there are a few around but its cheaper to do it in Canada).

I think that's about it. The full detail is all available on transport canada's website www.tc.gc.ca.

Hope this helps.
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 13:09
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Storlax i think you'll be relieved at the little work involved...you'll have to do an IR ride at the very least, but there's no compulsory 15 hours flying before it can be taken etc unlike with JAA, and for the ATPL there's 3 papers (and no, unlike JAA you don't have to shell out $6000 for an "approved" distance learning course!) Just adding to the list of reasons on why i moved here from England to train to fly and now i'm staying! However, i don't know if you have work lined up but it's VERY different in Canada, with 600 hours you'll be lucky to get work on a light twin, very lucky if you get onto a KingAir, regardless of a self-funded type rating or MCC. The great thing about Canadian aviation is one has to work their way up to an airline job, and there's no rich kids "buying" themselves a jet job with 200 hrs like back home!
Best of luck
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 13:13
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Get Canadian Medical as it can take a few months
You will need to do PSTAR(pre-solo) exam. and Radio Exam.
Do commercial Written Exam and Flight test.
Do a multi engine flight test (If you don't have 50 mpic or it has been more than a since your initial multi ride)
Then Do INRAT (IREX) and do a IFR ride in Multi.
When you get 750 hours then you can write ATPLs (only 2 exams and it's good for only 2 years) You will need 1500TT but copilot time only counts as half.


If you can get your FAA IR valid, it will be simple conversion exam.

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Old 18th Mar 2008, 21:43
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to be honest your best bet would be to email transport canada directly. I suggest the regional office in the province you want to do your training in. It should not cost to much to convert about 2500 pounds. All of this is tax deductable if/when you start working in Canada. I doubt you will have to do the p-star exam however if you dont it will be the air law exam. Its a lower pass mark, so dont worry. You will have to do the multi ir ride. It is easier than the U.K ride, dependant on the examiner of course. you will have to do a class 1 medical too. I would be surprised if there is any set training to do, (I've never been involved with a cpl conversion before). Again the regional department would advise you on this.
I would advise you to look into the job prospects though as you will be surprised at how low the wages are in Canada.
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