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Qantas International, is it possible to study full time?

I'm currently working as a casual short haul flight attendant, with an extremely flexible schedule. Recently, I'm increasingly interested in the prospect of Qantas International, but I have concerns over whether it's possible to study full time and work internationally full time.

My degree (Bachelor of Aviation, commercial pilot) is mostly delivered online, and the actual flying component can be coordinated around my roster. My concern is the physical workload of studying full time whilst working full time doing international flights. Domestically, full-timers are flogged with 4 sectors, so study isn't practical. But I'm curious about long haul.
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Doing both a full time study and a full time job leaves hardly any time to do something else. Consider a life of going to foreign cities and locking yourself up in your hotel room with your study books and hardly have time for family visits.
A quick rundown of your week: 40 hours of work, 40 hours of study, 8 hours of sleep and 2 hours for meals and personal appearance per day makes that 150 of the 168 hours in the week are already spent. In the remaining 18 hours you'll have to travel to and from airports, doing your personal shopping and maintaining relationships...

In my opinion your best choice is bidding for reserve and studying while waiting for a call.
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