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Crew Entry, Tourist Exit....

Obscure question alert.....

My airline is strict about allowing you to leave the city when down-route.
It is a fair point, as if your flight back gets cancelled, you miss your duty and get reprimanded.

I am going to the Philippines and have a day off. I have secured a job interview in a neighbouring country, and have ample time to fly there and back on the day I have outstation.

My question is about entering the country again....

As crew, we do not get our passport stamped when entering, as my name will be included on the declaration of crew members and we just stroll through a separate channel.

However I would be leaving Philippines as a 'tourist', flying back in, getting my passport stamped as a 'tourist'....and never 'leaving' again, as I would be exiting as crew.

This will be fine until....I 'overstay' my visa (despite not being in the country).

Anyone ever done this? Any advice? And no, I cannot just get my passport stamped on the operating way out....because then the company will know that I left on my off day

All the info I found online was about fines for over-staying a visa whilst IN the country...as a Crew I have the odd scenario that I would be over-staying whilst being out of the country!

Many thanks in advance...
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Theusual method of overcoming any problems is to take a copy of the Gen Dec and airline id with you - that should avoid the stamps issue.
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A phone call or letter (with proof of, say, some subsequent stamp) to the border control guys to make sure they update their records?
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Exactly what TopBunk said, make sure you get a copy of the inbound GD with the inbound stamp on it. Show this to immigration on departure with your passport and ID.

On re-entry clear as any other pax would, on exit again (while operating as crew) show the immigration staff your entry stamp and they should just stamp you out, (yes even if you are on the GD).
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