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who are your nicest celebs?

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who are your nicest celebs?

Old 9th Jul 2008, 19:19
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Princess Beatrice - Absolute pleasure, impecabble manners
Gordon Brown - Always polite, wife b*tch
Jude Law, Sienna Miller - very down to earth
Geri Halliwell - spoilt child
Hellen Mirren - Vile. Thought she was the queen
David Furnish - Loved us boys, gave me free front row tickets to Elton in Vegas
Gordon Ramsey - Ego barely fitted on the 747
Duffy - Lovely and genuine
Venus Williams - Signed autographs but VERY quiet
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Old 11th Jul 2008, 06:03
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Not "A List"
Graham Taylor- England Manager, Very Quiet and embarresed to be recognised on a holiday with his family.

Jasper Carrot- Very Loud and not ashamed to use his name
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Old 13th Jul 2008, 19:53
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well the these are who stick in my mind

Prince William he really is a true English gentleman and VERY handsome. He has something bout him must be cuz he is Diana's son

Rikki Lake so pretty and so down to earth!! Not a stick of make up but she was still lovely!!

Jack Osbourne very polite and nothing like i expected him to be like and he's lost sooo much weight!!
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Old 13th Jul 2008, 22:02
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for a man that once poured fruit salad into a sickbag and then ate it with a fork

Very good !
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 06:11
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Iggy Pop - Great Guy.
Paul Daniels and Debbie Magee - lovely couple and very down to earth.
Art Garfunkel - rude and moody.
Piers Brosnan - a perfect gentlman.

The VS flights to and from LAX always seemed to have some minor celeb on board who always assumed you should recognise them and would always get unreasonably demanding. One such 'minor' was kicking off in business about the temperature of the Champagne or some other such nonesense when a real and instantly recognisable celeb told her to sit down, shut up and stop being so rude to the crew! loved it!!!!!

Friends of mine often flew Maggie Thatcher. Event hough she would do an 18 hour day of diplomatic rounds, she would appear on th flight deck at midnight in her dressing gown with a tray of hot chocolate she had just made everyone!
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Old 18th Jul 2008, 08:27
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Aussie ones mostly.

Katrina Rowntree(travel show Getaway), SYD-DPS, genuine and polite, asked for a photo, she came to galley, had pix and chat with her, she even sent regards to my partner, delightful.

Ben Dark (also from Getaway), DRW-SIN. opposite to Katrina, he was rude, didn't even look at me when I offered water, just waved me off. Kept the full flight waiting for him in DRW, as he was duty free shopping, boarded last.

Delta Goodrum, SYD-AKL, super polite and pretty, she was just a girl of her age, fame and stardom didn't seem to corrupt her.

Peter Everett (Ready Steady Cook), SYD-DPS, down to earth, asked me what my background was when I served him meal, came to galley for a chat, could have easily made friends with him.

Tom Williams (Great Outdoors), SYD-OOL, down to earth, low key, but very polite, gave me a big wave goodbye and a big smile with 'thank you' on the tarmac, what a hunk!

Julie Bishop (opposition deputy leader), being a political figure, she's got no personality, if there is any, that'll be rudeness! Didn't look when she was offered tea/coffee.

Kieran Perkins (former swimmer), SYD-HKG, miserable, what a shame! He's nothing like the good image media tries to project, no facial expression, looked as if he just lost a few millions in casino the night before.

James Blunt, low key, had his sunnies on the whole flight, and tried to hide his face behind his right hand. No one bothered him anyway, whatever!
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Old 24th Jul 2008, 12:01
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Originally Posted by blondechick
He has something bout him must be cuz he is Diana's son
What - you mean he's an attention-seeking bimbo too?
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 04:53
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Cilla (White) used to get my mother's hand-me-downs when she lived in a marginally poorer street than her in Liverpool in the 1940s. Cilla's mother was a friendly lady who was always grateful.

I have to agree with several previous posters: when the capt and I are told that X or Y is on board our response is often, "Who?" Whilst everybody is naturally interested in how the famous behave (and according to this thread they usually behave very well), a minority clearly lack a sense of perspective. What a sadly blinkered way to go through life! What on earth will they think 40 years later on their deathbed as they consider their behaviour?
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 11:32
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Kofi Annan (former UN secretary general) - Lovely chap, very quiet didn't make a fuss, still wonder why he was going to Vegas for 24 hours! The girls all thought he was Morgan Freeman!

On the same flight I had some miserable middle aged old bint, Susannah Constantine (as in Trinny and Susannah, what not to wear). Thought she was gods gift and had a body guard standing in front of her seat for the whole 10 hours to stop us getting anywhere near her!

Michael Barrymore - just last year, very nice came and sat at the bar for three hours and had a long chat with us. Seemed very down on himself, understandable I suppose since his career has taken a plunge and is now dead in the water so to speak!!!!

Bill Kenwright - Travelling with Barrymore, also very nice, very jolly and friendly.

Stelios - Just slept and didn't ask for anything. Very friendly when approached though and took time to have a quick chat. Mind you, he wouldn't give me an FOs job when I asked!!!

The Automatic - Good fun lads on the whole, one of them was a bit of a pr!ck

Too many Z lists to mention, mainly from Big Brother, didn't have a clue who they were, always stuck in economy looking miserable, particularly when we'd run out of their choice of meal and they demanded we made more....I'll just go and sacrifice a chicken in your honour in the back galley shall I!?

Rachel Stevens - Cried because we wouldn't upgrade her

As a PAX on a MAN-LHR flight I sat next to Blackburn goalkeeper Brad Friedel and his wife, very nice people, very polite.

Now I'm going up the pointy end I think my celeb days are probably over.
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 12:22
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Sometime ago came onboard & was fiximicating something for a while before noticing there was a punter already sat in 1st class.She started chatting with us,was gorgeous,charming,very girlie & funny.We didn't know right away that it was Melanie Griffith.
She was an absolute delight & I've still got a crush on her!
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 14:49
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Came across this thread by accident this morning. Fascinating insights into the travelling habits of the rich and famous. I am not a flight attendant, but I do have one instance of rubbing shoulders with a celeb on a flight. Several years ago, I was travelling Minneapolis-London and B.B. King sat right across the aisle from me. What an absolute gentleman he was. He was very engaging and friendly with everyone. By chance, I had listened to an indepth interview with him on Public Radio a few weeks prior to this trip, and my impression of him from that interview was "wow, what an amazing person". My brief encounter with him confirmed this view.
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 01:09
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Derek Warwick(Formula 1 in the 80's) so may not qualify but regular SOU-JER. Top bloke.Nigel Mansell, always OK to me but others have other stories.

Sir Alex Ferguson, MAN-EDI etc, always polite.

Shay Givens(?) Irish Goalkeeper NEW-DUB. See Above.

Andy Gray. As Above.

John Reid(Home Secretary). See above.

Both Harry & Wills, BRS-EDI. Lovely young boys(they were very young then) but Tiggy Legge-Birk, what a pain in the A#se!

Princess Ann. Seemed to depend on what side of the royal bed she got out of, so no different to the rest of us then!

Carol Not-so-Smiley. Always a predictable pax, complete cow!

Naomi Campbell, well we all know and I don't think she was any prettier than most of our girls in the cabin, she was certainly surlier.

Dwight Yorke, complete tool, wanted his check in luggage delivered to the aircraft steps!
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Old 2nd Aug 2008, 19:10
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Dan, loved your Maggie Thatcher story. I can just imagine her with a tray full of hot chocolate mugs, dressing gown and hair in curlers. LOL.

Good old Maggie!! Bet they didn't need sky marshalls when she was on board. She could be rather persistent in telling people what to do!!
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Old 3rd Aug 2008, 14:09
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Sean Connery-Top bloke. Sat in the cockpit for nearly the whole flight and chatted about anything from politics, to football. Really nice.

Sharon Stone- Quite reserved and very polite.

Wendy Richards- Very down to earth and really nice.
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Old 3rd Aug 2008, 17:58
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Flew back from Faro to LBA last Saturday with Middlesbrough FC squad and Manager - they were very polite and fun. Lots of banter - a bit peed off there were no sandwiches left though so muched there way through Pringles and twix bars.
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Old 10th Aug 2008, 21:09
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Kylie - Stunning, gorgeous, lovely person. F/O's birthday and he got the kiss on the cheek. Twice. One for the photo !

Dale Winton - Very pleasant (but orange). Bought the entire crew dinner when he came into the same resteraunt.

Kiri Te Kanawa (SP ?) Very full of her self importance. Fur coat and shades.

David Becham - Very pleasant as were his MUFC colleagues.
Victoria Beckam - Miserable, rude and loved herself.

Sir Freddie Laker - Absolute gentleman

Mr. T from the A team - Hilarious
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 17:24
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Bianca Jagger Vile B!tch

Johnny Wilkinson had him twice on my flight both times he was lovely, so down to earth and have to say he is very very very sexy man!!!
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 20:51
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Sean Connery-Top bloke. Sat in the cockpit for nearly the whole flight and chatted about anything from politics, to football. Really nice
You lucky, lucky, lucky *&$$*

If Mr ATS wouldn't exist, Sir Sean Connery would be something I'd dream of....
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Old 14th Aug 2008, 11:03
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Dhr Bruce Grobelaar

Had him on my flight last week. Lba-Ams-Jnb. Sat in economy. Quiet and reserved. Pointed him out to the girls but they didn't recognise him. (think am getting old) Pleasant getting off and many thanks. Remembered when te papers slated him and thought how unjust.
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Old 14th Aug 2008, 11:44
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I'm not cabin crew but couldn't help responding. Occasionally I do a bit of film and TV extra work and your descriptions of some of these characters matches exactly with what I've seen and heard.

Natalie Imbruglia is really friendly and chatty.
Michael Winner allegedly has someone on set to hold his ash tray, he'll hold out his cigar and the poor s*d has to come running and catch the ash or there's trouble.
Nicole Kidman gets people thrown off set if they look her in the eye and they're important enough to be allowed to do so.
Hugh Grant is down to earth and seems very normal.
Stephen Fry is really chatty and friendly. A real gent.
Jeremy Clarkson seemed completely full of himself and didn't realise he was making himself look a charlie oscar charlie kilo.
Lisa Mafia (I had the misfortune of being in the "Where Are They Now" line-up on Never Mind The Buzzcocks) was a complete . Fortunately she was borderline z-list even in 2003 and seems to have dropped off the radar completely now. The rest of the Never Mind The Buzzcocks team seemed quite up themselves too and could barely acknowledge the line-up victims in the green room afterwards

I've heard some stories about Michael Caine. Has anyone encountered him?
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