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The website is saying that they are only now recruiting for LHR and DUB, the regional bit that I saw a couple of weeks ago seems to have been removed.
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Wink Fastrack Programme

Hi all,

Ive been invited to a BMI interview for flight supv. Can any of you tell me what to expect, rosters, nightstops, wages etc.

Any info would be greatly apprieciated!

Fingers x'd!!!


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I've just found this site and i think it's great! I also have just got a job with BMI (but beginning with BMED). do you start traiing on 17th july as well? I really want to talk to anyone who's in the same boat as me. Just coz it's inteseting to discuss stuff!

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Hey lisa

Am kinda in the same boat i ve just finished my training with BMI but staying in the BMI side of work. I think everything thats happeneing at bmi is very exciting!! there seems so many oppertunities with the company with the BMED merg and the prospects of long haul routes to america. i ve not started flying yet just waiting on my ID appointment. should be flying in bout 2 weeks fingers crossed
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Hiya blondechick,

nice to hear from you,

how did you find the training? was it ok and did most people on your course pass and everything? i can't wait to start mine!

in my interview i got asked if i wanted bmed or bmi to start with and i'm so glad i chose bmed coz from what i've been reading everyone loves bmed! I don't mind if it's bmi or whoever but at least i get to do some longer flights to strart with.

but yeh, so what was the training like? quite hard-going??

Lisa x
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well done for you. I wanted to do longer flights when I started rather than the "same old Manchesters etc" but if you haven't flown before then the only advice I can give you is don't run before you can walk. It's great to look forward and say you want that in the future, but if its yor 1st flying job then you will find it hard to adjust to the lifestyle to begin with as all new crew do. However I hope to see you on a longhaul flight from LHR or MAN very soon. Best of luck
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Fao Mia Donna

Looking through your other posts and replies it seems you have had a lot of rejections from many airlines. Maybe you are just bitter about not getting BMED. Prehaps you should try being more proffesional.
Good luck in the future.

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Hi there, I was cabin crew with British Midland from August 98 to Sep. 99, I would like to know if there is anyone currently working there that can help me out, at the moment I'm filling out where I can write all my records of my flights, I only kept the flight numbers that I did for the year at BMI but I don't have the destinations, would any one please get or find out where can I get the time tables from Aug 98 to Sep 99?, so, it must be summer 98, winter 99 and an other summer 99.

I would really appreciate it as I now have incomplete that year on my flights records.

I miss the Queens Building and those briefings tables where we all knew each other at LHR.

Anyway, thank you very much in advance and once again, this would mean a lot to me, so please let me know where can I get the info.

PS: I left BD to go to EK and I'm in Dubai since Sep 99, good move but wrong people.

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BMI Uniform

Hey, does anyone know if bmi will be getting new uniforms? i've heard maybe next year
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BMI Cabin Crew Interview Process


i was wondering if anyone was able to give me any information regarding the interview process for the BMI Cabin Crew Interview. I would appreciate any information as I have a scheduled interview for BMI this coming week.

thank you
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Your day will go as follows: BMI CC life presentation, group work, role play, 2 on interview.
BMI presentation will take about 10 minutes. Then you will be devided into 2 or more groups where you will have to introduce yourselves while interviewers will be waching you.
Then you will be asked to do an assignment as a group. When finished you will have short roleplay in pairs. One of you will have to be unsatisfied customer and the other the manager (to see your customer service skills)
Then the coffee break after which some of you will be told to go home. then the successfull ones will have to have 2 on 1 interviews. It will take about 1 hour.

More questions?
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"Then the coffee break after which some of you will be told to go home."

lol, that sounded sooo harsh, although it is likely, bmi will let u know that they have vacancies for ALL of you, however it ultimately is up to how you as an individual performs on the day. The recruiters their were really friendly.
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yes they are very friendly and the company is good... that is why it is going to bee so disapointing to be told to go home anyway, lets hope you will do great on your interview and we will see you on the course
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I've had 1 flight with BMI, and it was top notch. I was economy, and it didint seem to matter to them. If could I'd fly again BMI, I would, and thats ultimatley what its all about - repeat business.

At the risk of repeating myself - the stand up easyjet thread is where bananaman came in.

And if you were the lady in the Galley that loaded me up with Sarnies for the journey home to Bath then thanks,
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Bmi: Lhr-jfk

Just read that bmi will/may/should fly LHR-JFK after open skies!!
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Let's see now.

United :

Known worldwide
Long history on the LHR-JFK route
Big transatlantic network on other routes
Big marketing operation in both UK and US
Big base of corporate clients in London and New York
... failed on the London to JFK route and pulled out. seen off by AA, BA, VS.


Secondary in UK, hardly known in US
No transatlantic history from London
Handful of non-London transatlantic routes
Small marketing operation
Small base of corporate clients in London and none in New York
..... think they can do better.

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New Uniform

Well they are about 6-8 months into what is supposed to be an 18 month process of organising a new uniform, but as yet nothing official on what its gonna be like.
Rumour's are about saying that the hat will stay (esp for Long Haul) and as much as we all wanted rid of the Bar Jacket (and have waist coats instead) they will be staying too, sigh. Basically nothing to get excited about.
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Ithink the uniform would even be better if it fitted slightly better and the womens skirt didnt sit so high!! i can understand the keeping of the hat but i do argee waistcoats would be much better!!!
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Lady Lexxington
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There will be no trousers for female ground staff, that is still only for dispatchers.
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bmi will not be launching any transatlantic flights from LHR in the forseeable future. This has been confirmed by the boss! They are going to continue the Bmed integration and look at the USA in 18 months or so. Hopefully they can look at changing the uniform sooner than that.
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