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Q regarding the use of the call button

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Q regarding the use of the call button

Old 6th Mar 2007, 17:22
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Q regarding the use of the call button

The thick pax comments brought me the idea about customer request. If it is not a service time with trolleys all over the aisle what is your prefered option for a pax to ask for a drink, a pillow, a painkiller or something ele?

Rwy in Sight
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 21:03
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well it's always nice when someone comes to see you in the galley for a drink but otherwise i would say the call bell thats why it's there, plus i would rather pax felt that they could use it, then if there is a real problem like a medical emergency they will naturally use it to get one of us. All too often pax that feel unwell and could have something seriously wrong feel that they shouldn't use the bell and it's the pax sitting near to them that alert us by pressing the bell, because the pax infront has keeled over!
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 21:44
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I agree, the call bell is there for the convenience of the passenger and ease of the crew.

The only time I dont like it being used is for things like drinks or food when we have just taken off, out of our seats and trying to load meal carts and set up drinks carts. Food and drinks will take longer to come should they press the call bell and we are taken away from doing those jobs.

Those requests at that time aside please utilise it!
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 22:18
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Call bell for emergency only I say!
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 22:39
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I prefer for passengers to use the call bell rather than pop thier head into the galley. All too often the aisle is blocked between people lining up for the loo, people stretching their legs and parents who let thier kids play in the aisle- this makes it hard (and a little dangerous) for crew to move about he cabin doing thier job.

Although I do get a little frustrated by that small number of passengers who use the call bell to get seconds even though you haven't finished the service and given some passengers their firsts yet.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 00:55
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Im sorry guys but at the end of the day we are working in a customer sevice environment and if you begrudge someone calling us for an extra gin and tonic then maybe its the time you look elsewhere for a job.At my airline,we love sales and the more we sell,the more we earn.We all know that the SLF( as we like to call them) can be meffs at the best of times but so can the majority of cabin crew.The frosty looks that some cabin crew give to passengers when asking for extra drinks is absolutely amazing,especially VS crews and most charter crews.(all up their own asses)and earning crap money.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 01:13
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I agree, even though it doesnt matter how many g&t's I make I dont make any extra money.

If I havent finished the service, or am in the middle of something I always pop their call bell on and write down what they want and just tell them it may take a few minutes but its not a problem. Even if it erks me a lot I have too much pride in myself and my job/airline to give anyone a frosty look for asking for something via their call bell.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 01:19
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Its provided for a simple reason...To draw the attention of the crew to the consumer who pressed it...ANSWER IT!!! Its not difficult!
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 08:30
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i have no problem with people using call bells.. i will happily get them whatever they want - thats what call bells are there for and thats part of my job!
i only get shitty when someone physically able on an aisle seat presses their call bell and asks you to get their bag down from the locker above their head.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 22:33
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ShesGreatIntheGalley,I totally agree with you also on that point,however, we do make it clear to the pax on boarding that they can bring on their cabin baggage as long as they are fit to to place it,and remove it from overhead lockers without assistance.Thats that 1 sorted then and I always use that cliche when asked.
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