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Virgin Atlantic Interview & training (merged)

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Virgin Atlantic Interview & training (merged)

Old 24th Jun 2004, 13:13
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Virgin Atlantic Interview & training (merged)


I've had several people message me asking what to expect at a Virgin Atlantic interview so here's what happend to me when I had my interview on 10th June.

So here goes...

The first thing to say is that surprisingly it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, so you really can just relax and enjoy the day.

Essentially the day is slpit in two with the morning being a group interview scenario, and the afternoon being reserved for one to one interviews with those that make it past the earlier stages.

We all arrived at the Virgin Flight Centre (usually the interviews are held at Virgin Atlantic's head office) at similar times and were taken to the staff canteen. We were told just to talk to one another until we get taken to one of the training rooms. After about 20mins 3 senior cabin crew (who were also the assessors) escorted us to a training room. When we got to the room they introduced themselves and then explained a bit about how the day would work (They also explained that there is NO set amount of people that will go through to the next stage. It could be all of us, it could be no one!!).

We sat in a semi circle around the room and they kicked off with an ice breaker which in our case bagan by us in turn introducing ourselves and explaining what we did in terms of employment.

Next they let us sit down again and gave each person a card with some typed text on it. Basically each card provided a bit of info about Virgin Atlantic's operations. Each person then had to read their card in turn, providing the assessors with an opportunity to see that you can actually read, how you cope reading to a large-ish group of people and giving some basic info to the group.

Next they spit the group in two and provide you with a scenario. Each group represents a team of cabin crew, whose plane has been grounded on an Island due to bad weather. They explain that you will be grounded for the next 8 hours and that you have to entertain the passangers during this time. The in flight entertainments system is off line and no one may leave the aircraft.

They then give each group a pack of about 10 cards each of which has a picture of a different objact on it. Each group is then given 15 minutes to consider what thay could utilise each object for i.e how can you use it to entertain people.

While this exercise is being carried out, each candidate is pulled out of the group and asked by one of the senior cabin crew "why do you want to become a member of Virgin Atlantic air cabin crew?".....A VERY important question!!

Meanwhile, the other two senior cabin crew are walking round the room assessing and making notes on how each candidate interacts.

Finally each group has to present their planned entertainment programme to the other group,who now adopt the role of passengers.

At the end of that exercise you get to relax for a bit while they talk you through the life of a cabin crew member, covering things such as working hours/patterns, wages and annual leave arrangements. They also give an example of a typical working day. Then they give each person the opportunity to ask questions.

They then thanked us for attending and explained that they were now going to make "some decisions". Everyone was then sent out of the room and left to sit around in the canteen for 20 minutes or so.

After a half hour or so the 3 senior cabin crew came down stairs and again escorted us to the training room. There was a fourth senior cabin crew member then and she to thanked us for our time. Eventually they explained they were going to read out some names and that they'd like those candidates to leave the room....

Five names were read out. Mine was one of them. I have to say I was so incredibly nervous and I had no idea what to expect.

We were then told that we had been successful and had made it to the next stage. Unfortunately though, the other 11 candidates were sent home..

Congratualtions if u make it this far because competition is tough, however don't be disheartend as it is just as hard to get an interview in the first place.

If you make it this far you are then required to sit a Maths and English test. Both of which are timed. The English test is more to do with memory, you are given a page of text to read. AFte 2minutes the page is taken away and you are required to tick correct boxes relating to the text you have just read.

For the maths test you are required to answer 12 questions in 10 minutes. The questions cover muliplication division, addition and subtraction, and you are required to get six out of 12 correct.

The five of us were then told if we had passed the tests. If you are successful (which all 5 of us were) you are congratualted and told you are going to attend the final 3 on 1 interview and are given a time to return later that afternoon.

You then have to fill out the necessary security forms so you can obtain an airside pass so that you can work in the airport and onboard the aircraft.

About 2 hours later we each had our interviews. Quite intense but I still enjoyed it. One senior cabin crew is asking the questions, while the other two are writing down your every comment and move.

At the end of the interview you are thanked for your time and told you will be informed as whether or not you have been successful in gaining a job within 7-10 days.

Four days later Virgin Atlantic phoned me and offered me the job! It still hasn't sunk in. I think I'm so surprised beacuse I was the youngest one there and one of the only ones not to have any cabin crew experience.

I start my 6 weeks training on 12th July... So wish me luck!

I REALLY hope this is of some use to everyone attending a Virgin Atlantic interview. Let me know how you get on.

Good luck everyone!! Hope to see you onboard soon!
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Old 24th Jun 2004, 13:51
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I can almost guarentee that this interview process changes from course to course...

I am unsure about whether this is a good thing to do.

If you are the right person you will get the job. Simple...

No need to practice before hand about all the activities and come across all false. Just take all interviews and questions in your stride. If you show confidence and a willing to get it right, they will notice...

Congratulations on getting the job hopefully we get to meet somewhere at work.

However if someone was doing the same job as me "practiced" model answer questions, then I would be very pissed off because I put all my heart and soul into my interview and I got the job from my own hard work. Not through reading how its done over the internet....
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Old 15th Oct 2004, 17:41
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Virgin Cabin Crew

Hello Virgin Crew

I am thinking of applying...

Can someone please let me know what the avergae monthly take home is ?

what are the trips like, ie, how long is the rest period at the destinations, parties, crew moral etc

Is it worth leaving BMed (if anyone knows)...

many thanks
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Old 16th Oct 2004, 11:02
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Lightbulb recruiting now

Despite what it says on their website they are definitely recruiting now
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Old 16th Oct 2004, 11:16
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Could someone then please give me some info, how to apply if they are recruiting at the moment,....and why does their website state otherwise


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Old 16th Oct 2004, 19:48
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Apply to Virgin

I have heard that the pay for CC can be as low as 1000 per month.

Check: gumtree.com under travel and overseas jobs for 14 Otober they are always advertising on there.

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Old 16th Oct 2004, 22:41
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Thanks a lot lot lot lot!

See ya
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 14:04
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Yes they are definately recruiting. I just had a second interview, once again having a final interview but no cigar however one of the girls i met on the day starts on november 15. good luck

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Old 17th Oct 2004, 17:42
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Does anybody know, how long it takes for them to get back to you, after you've sent them the app form???

And how many male flight attendants do actually work for them, and what's their "preference for male F/A wannabes"??'

Your help much appreciated

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Old 20th Oct 2004, 09:35
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Good luck to those that were succcessful

I really would like to know about the trip lengths and pay, if anyone can help I would ber very grateful
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Old 25th Oct 2004, 19:03
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Hi Clubworld
Definitley apply 2 Virgin. Trips are normally 1
nighters if u do an east coast US trip & 2 nighters
if u do a west coast trip although there are longer
trips eg. Vegas & Capetown.Sydney trips also
starting in Dec which i think is gonna be 9 days
long.Wages not as good as some airlines but
also not as bad as some make out.(coming from
bmed though u might notice a drop as i hear that
your wages are quite good?!) At Virgin your
allowances are given 2 u when u get downroute
so its really up 2 u if u want 2 blow all your cash
or save some! I would say GO FOR IT! You
would have a fab time!! PM me if u want 2 know
anything else

lol x
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 02:26
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Sydney trips also
starting in Dec which i think is gonna be 9 days long.
2 nights in Hong Kong, 1 night in Sydney and another 2 nights in Hong Kong. Doesn't exactly give you much time on the ground in Oz.
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 12:30
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I think BA crew get about the same layover times when they do a trip to Oz, 2 full nights in either BKK or SIN then one full night in SYD/MEL.
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 14:21
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exmax your right our (BA) MEL/SYD stopovers are all one night now. You get into OZZ in the early hours like 5am and then leave the following day in the afternoon.

All the OZZ trips go via Singapore or Bangkok. I did the 9 day BKK/SYD this year and its really tiring. The good thing is though when you get back to Bangkok you get two local nights rest so your relaxed for the trip back to London.
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 19:34
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For my final phase on the interview I had to beat up a guy in a Godzilla outfit....who knew!?
That Richard Bronson fella is one crazy cat...he should have a reality tv show or something...

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Old 11th Nov 2004, 23:45
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Congratulations on your recent job offer!!! It must feel great to have gone through that tough process and come away from it with such a positive result. Good on you.
I have an interview with Virginblue in AUS on the 25th which I am really nervous about but I can now imagine what I am in for!
Good luck in training and your career!
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Old 13th Nov 2004, 21:47
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Basically, further to Cosmic Girl's reply, the average take home for Virgin per month is about 1,400 given basic pay plus allowances downroute.

Activities downroute depends on the crew and range from being boring and not leaving your room - trip up the Empire State Building after some Bloomingdales shopping - Laying on a beach for a 3 night St Lucia - Partying hard on a 5 night Vegas. Most trips include a serious drinking session on the night of arrival, even if it's a one night east coast US. You can't beat it.

They're expanding liek never before so apply apply apply!

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Old 15th Nov 2004, 12:12
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I worked for Virgin for about a year and did enjoy my time there. They have an image of bitchiness but i found it very friendly and relaxed.

Money wise, I will have to disagree with the above. I rarely took home over 1100. Infact, only once. My friend has been there now for two years and she still struggles on the money and she left bmi. However, she is now doing less work than bmi.

The trips are good. some sociable and others not. South Africa is a fab trip. Not good money but you'll have a fantastic time. I NEVER got sick of NY. The Caribbean are good trips but compared to the prices there, the money isn't great. Hong Kong is fantastic and one of the best places I'd ever been too. Thats very socaible too. Good luck with it all. Any further info just message me.
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Old 16th Nov 2004, 13:28
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Dear srs what ? Sorry i wasnt a bit more specific when replying to clubworld about the trips virgin do! Yes i said that we are starting trips to sydney in Dec & that the trip i think will be 9 days long but i didnt actually specify that you would be in oz for the whole time did i?I was merely explaining that you can do trips that are not just bullets.Next time i shall try & explain myself a bit clearer.Anyway,1 night in Sydney is still better than a kick in the teeth isnt it?
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Old 2nd Dec 2004, 22:03
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Anyone going to an interview with Virgin in Crawley on Weds 22 Dec??
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