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gg_gop 4th Jun 2021 00:45

Virgin Australia Recruitment 2021 SYD

Did anyone else attend the 17th of May 2021 Assessment Day for Virgin Australia Cabin Crew for Sydney Based?

I am currently in the transit lounge now waiting for the ground school. If we are on the same boat, I would like to keep in touch!


gg_gop 28th Jun 2021 09:37

Originally Posted by frizzann (Post 11062162)
I have just been asked to do the video interview. Can you remember if you get a chance to prepare your answer once you start or do you have to record your answer straight away?


I am really sorry for my very late reply. This time i did not have to do a video interview but two years ago when I applied for regional cabin crew they did ask me to do it. So they sent me a link to do a video interview. You can prepare and take as many videos as u want and choose the best one that u like to upload it on the link that they sent you.

Which stages are you at now? I would love to hear from you! and again I'm sorry for my late reply cuz i did not get the notifications

Rejoiner 4th Jul 2021 09:43

Any rumours circulating on when they anticipate external SYD crew recruitment. I see that ADL and MEL are currently looking for new starters so hoping that SYD may be also looking for crew again soon.

scottybne 11th Jul 2021 14:35

Does anyone have any updates, Iíve done reference checks, ASIC, just waiting on medical .

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