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Old 16th Jun 2020, 08:54
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Good morning all! Does anyone know the deal with this Italian reg Partenavia I-GAUS flying a tight grid over south London at 1000 feet or so? It was doing the same lark on Sunday morning. Is it a govt sneaky beaky spy plane? If its mapping, must be well and truly mapped by now.
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Old 17th Jun 2020, 05:53
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Yes, I can confirm that is is on a top secret mission for the government, The registration gives it away - de-gaussing was the term applied to reducing a ships magnetic signature so that it didn’t set off magnetic mines. This is doing the opposite in an attempt to suppress the rebellious population - a result of a lack of chem trails recently.......
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Old 17th Jun 2020, 11:20
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Aha, just as I thought!
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Old 17th Jun 2020, 13:01
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Danish Bioflight have also been covering SE England recently with at least 2 aircraft putting in the hours making stipes in the sky. Partenavias seem to have a monopoly on these population suppression flights recently - maybe their ability to apply invisible chemtrails economically?
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 16:23
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Hi, first time poster here! :-)

Found this thread folowing a look at FlightRadar24 and a Google search. Being curious I emailed Blackbushe Airport where I-GAUS took off from today, and received the following nice reply:

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 10:14:21 +0000
From: Blackbushe Admin [email protected] blackbusheairport co uk>
To: Pete xxxxxxxx <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: What is I-GAUS up to today???

Dear Pete,

Thank you for your email.

This aircraft isn’t strictly anything to do with us, other than it is currently getting it’s fuel from here in between flights. It is conducting aerial survey work. Whilst we aren’t normally privy to the client for whom they are working, typically these flights are either for mapping projects (Google Maps / Apple Maps) or for specific scientific surveys -such as environmental (pollution, air quality etc). Occasionally they are speculative, in that the company will gather the photos / data and then sell it as part of a portfolio, but I don’t believe that was the case for this aircraft.

They typically base themselves from a nearby airport for a few weeks while they gather their data, and then move on to another area. They fly long straight paths, going backwards and forwards. Of course, the lower they are, the better the images they gather, but it means more overflights to cover the same area. You may notice more of these aircraft at the moment. Something that has been a bit of a regular feature since we entered “Lockdown” is the availability of otherwise restricted airspace. The aerial mapping companies have often been the only ones in the skies, and they’ve been flying lots of sorties capturing data that in normal times would either be impossible or extremely difficult to capture. In a year or so I imagine most of the country will have some very accurate imagery on their smart phones!

I hope that helps.


So, I hope that keeps the I-GAUS fanclub happy!
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Old 26th Jun 2020, 04:33
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I guess the pilot must have a magnetic personality?
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Old 26th Jun 2020, 06:57
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Thats exactly what they would say.....nothing to see here, move along lol

My advice - wear a tinfoil hat.

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Old 26th Jun 2020, 13:36
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Thank you smileypete and Chris from Blackbushe for your kind and and informative answer. At least encouraging that some people are not so smug and tightlipped in GA. I really enjoyed flying from Blackbushe, a good friendly place.
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