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Aerostar turboprop ?

Old 29th Apr 2017, 07:39
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Aerostar turboprop ?

Always been impressed with this aircraft, it's looks and performance.

I see that someone actually put turbofans on it and there's a couple
of videos on y tube.

What surprises me is no one appears to have done a turboprop conversion on the Aerostar, especially as almost all other high performance piston singles and twins have been 'done'
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Old 29th Apr 2017, 13:16
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It has been done, google N5530T Speedstar 850
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Old 30th Apr 2017, 02:58
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I have more than 1000 hours on the Aerostar... my favorite piston aircraft, sweet to fly and fast.

Ted Smith idea was to bypass completely a turboprop version and go for a jet powered version.
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Old 30th Apr 2017, 06:06
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deing, I DID Google that.

Couldn't figure out what I was looking at initially then I realized that particular Aerostar was converted to a single turboprop configuration.

Can't say i'm a fan, spoils the lines of a beautiful aircraft but thanks for pointing it out.
Anyone know if a twin turboprop conversion was ever attempted or even offered ?
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Old 30th Apr 2017, 14:11
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Never flown one but Ted Smith designed it to quickly evolve into a jet version
This video shows a jet test flight of the aircraft
190 kts climb speed and 5000 fpm

Not bad
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Old 30th Apr 2017, 18:37
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Yes, there was a conversion made by a guy. I'll see if I can find the picture of it. Only one was made, as I recall to see the feasibility to certify a conversion. For some reason, that never came to fruition. Part of the problem, as I recall, was that with the lesser weight of the turbines, the engines would need to be moved forward, which would preclude the normal clamshell entry. I think the prototype had a ballast in the back to compensate, which was not an ideal solution. BTW, this was also the case with Speedster 850 which I saw in person in builder Oscar Taylor's hangar (he's building a new shortened one based on an Aerostar but with a Garrett -14's in it, which should be an absolute rocket).

Aerostar is a great performer and with a pair of turboprops, it would be stellar. I have never flown a better handling airplane than the Aerostar - they're in a league of their own. The jet conversion they're planning is interesting. Not going to be cheap to do it, and it will perform well, but with the prices of used Mustangs these days, don't really see a huge market for it.
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Old 1st May 2017, 02:10
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Found it.

Race car driver Bobby Allison put two Allison 250's on his Aerostar (no family relationship that I know of). It's now welded on a stick to by the entrance to his race car museum in Alabama.

Because the 250 is mainly made for helicopters and has a low thermal rating, apparently it ran out of steam in the high teens.

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Old 1st May 2017, 08:20
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Me262 anyone?
Just doesn't look right, the underslung engines.
Really don't want to drop your pen with that door open.
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