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Deer Jet/Capital Airlines

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Deer Jet/Capital Airlines

Old 25th Jul 2012, 12:30
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Propaganda ? offered salary is shit to relocate with familly unless you like living abroad like a rat !
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Old 26th Jul 2012, 00:30
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Deer Jet

Thank you for the kind and informative reply. I'm very fortunate to be in my position here in the States. I work for a wonderful company, and I take nothing for granted as I know many people would kill to be in my position.

At this point, Asia is a dream. Someday I will make the move on my own when the time is right. I have responsibilities as you know. My little one comes first, not me.

As for this wonderful company, the future is uncertain. We are a Health Insurance company. As you may or may not know, we are going through a huge transformation with regard to health insurance in the states, which may not be good for me. I believe I'm safe here for now, but there is always that possibility.

If I were forced out on the street (wouldn't be the first time) I would definitely consider the move.

For now I will take all the Asia work my company is willing to give me. It's always an adventure.

Thanks again.
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Old 30th Oct 2013, 02:29
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Deerjet goes global

Dallas, Texas -– Starbase Jet, the fastest growing private aviation company in the United States announced today that it will partner with Deer Jet, the largest private jet charter provider in Beijing, China. The alliance will expand Deer Jet’s reach into North America including the United States.

Randall Reed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Starbase Jet said, “I am excited to begin this strategic partnership with the largest operator of private jets in China as this will align two great companies and provide the best charter experience in the world to our customers.”

The agreement means that Deer Jet will provide Starbase Jet with several of its Gulfstream aircraft to charter and manage in the United States. The first Deer Jet addition to the Starbase fleet will be a fully refurbished G 200, complete with new paint, interior and Wi-Fi. The addition of the Deer Jet aircraft will bring Starbase Jet’s managed fleet to over 30 aircraft.

“The North American business jet charter market is the biggest in the world,” said Deer Jet chairman Xie Xin. “Strategically this is the best step for both Deer Jet and Starbase to grow. We’ve had requests from our Deer Jet clients in China to open this partnership with an American company to improve the service we can offer in the U.S.,” he continued. “For our Chinese clients it will cost much less to make a flight to the U.S. with this strategic alliance. We will ask Starbase to handle our flights, saving clients money,” he said.

About Starbase Jet:

Starbase Jet is a Texas-based full-service private aviation company that specializes in private jet charter, private jet memberships, aircraft management, aircraft acquisition and sales to a global client base. Founded in the late 1990s, it has since received the prestigious Platinum rating by ARG/US. This accreditation is earned by only 5% of jet charter operators. It is the highest quality rating and is only awarded to air charter operators that demonstrate successful implementation of the industry’s best safety practices for both operations and maintenance. Starbase Jet includes operations in Dallas, Houston, Austin Texas and Los Angeles CA.
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Old 14th Nov 2013, 07:02
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Deerjet goes global

Many have tried to partner with them and failed. Good luck!
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Old 15th Nov 2013, 20:50
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"Deerjet"? I wish people would put some thought into naming companies instead of just putting some rubbish in front of "jet"
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Old 15th Nov 2013, 21:49
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"Deerjet"? I wish people would put some thought into naming companies instead of just putting some rubbish in front of "jet"
The Chinese like to emulate whatever they admire.

They saw the Jet Aviation logo and decided to name their company after a deer.

And everyone said - "oh deer!".

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Old 15th Nov 2013, 23:40
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That makes perfect sense, although I always thought it looked like a moose.
Actually, "moosejet" has a certain ring to it....
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 07:47
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With Jet Aviation it might make sense. the founder family is called Hirschmann and Hirsch is the german word for Stag...
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 09:44
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Ha ha, I like it, MooseJet and StagJet, brilliant!

If one is mind-numbingly bored it is possible to visit the DeerJet website (which has the most irritating feature I've encountered on a website in a long time in that when you mouse over a selection it makes an irritating beeping noise) - anyway, if you go to "About DeerJet" and then "DeerJet Culture" you can read all about the "logo" story!

MooseJet China

Yes, I'll admit it - I was bored!
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 11:05
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Wait, that Jet Aviation logo is a moose??

I worked for them for three years, and I was told that it was form a sword of Kahless!!! (a famous Klingon fighting weapon).

Seriously though, both Starbase and Deerjet are known for their strong-arming of pilots. Of course, they each have their own tactics, but they are fairly matched. I bet they are already working on plans to grind down the pilots further... Either plans, or a competition of sorts.

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Old 8th Oct 2014, 06:07
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Deer Jet

Looking for any information On Deer Jet assessment details, real working conditions, atmosphere et c...
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Old 1st May 2017, 19:18
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Originally Posted by AtthePNR View Post
Hi all

Have just joined the ever growing list of the unwanted

Has anyone got the latest info on Deer Jet out of China??

Thanks and good luck to us all!
I would just like to offer a word of caution when dealing with Deer jet, I consulted for them under contract for a GV prebuy, they were constantly late in paying me and very demanding, at the end of the contract they breached all agreements and refused to pay a $30,000.00 invoice I submitted to them, they are very unethical and corrupt, even their chairwoman refused to reply to my emails

They have absolutely no regard for signed contracts and feel that cheating is totally acceptable as long as it benefits them
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