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Challenger type rating?

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Challenger type rating?

Old 16th Nov 2009, 11:29
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Challenger type rating?

From FlightGlobal

In another tip of the hat to the aircraft's airline heritage, operators can also find a ready supply of pilots skilled at flying the 850, given that the same type rating applies to the CRJ100/200, Challenger 604 business jet and Challenger 850.
Same type rating?? Never seen this before, is it correct under FAA?

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Old 16th Nov 2009, 16:50
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Sorry, not the same ratings under FAA. The CRJ100/200 evolved into its corporate name as a Challenger 850 and the rating is the same for all three (CL-65) but the Challenger 604 is designated as the CL-604 on the FAA licenses.
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 18:12
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just had a query..
If I have a CRJ type endorsed, do I have to go through only a transition course for a Challenger 604 or undergo the complete type rating course for the same?
Your view is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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Old 5th Jan 2012, 18:23
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For European licenses:
It used to be that Bombardier's Montreal TRTO had a JAA approved transition training from CL604 to CRJ.
Now they don't have it and based on rumour, it is not allowed anymore.
Vice versa conversion was not offered to my knowledge.

However, I know that some German operator with it's own TRTO has done some CRJ to 604 conversions, but I am not sure if that is possible either anymore.

For FAA, no idea.
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Old 7th Jan 2012, 22:13
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challenger 604/605 type rating

Dear all
to the best of my knowledge or i should say more that i know it for a fact since i fly i 605 for living, the type rating of the 604/605 is a completly different type rating than the crj series. If you have a type rating on the 604/605 and you want to transition to a crj and viceversa, you will have to do an initial. Most insurance companies will also require a differential course to transition from the 604 to the 605 and viceversa sold for about 4500$ at bombardier.
those are facts.

if you need more info on the 605 i will be glad to provide them to you.

best regards

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Old 8th Jan 2012, 01:54
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Old 8th Jan 2012, 18:55
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at least a conversion WAS possible

i know two pilots who did a conversion(not a full initial) from 604 to 850 at bombardier training centre montreal about two years ago. (JAR licence)

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Old 8th Jan 2012, 23:09
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no conversion

i did my initial on the 605 3 years ago and in my class there was a chap who was coming from the crj who was doing a FULL initial, and another guy from jaa-land who was coming from the 850 and he was doing an initial as well, and those are facts!! there is no, i repeat no cross-over conversion type course from crj to 604-605 other than taking a full initial.

hope this helps

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Old 9th Jan 2012, 14:32
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hello baobab,

note, that there has been an upwards conversion from 604 to crj/cl850, but not the other way....

comeing from the crj, you have to do a full initial - you´re correct.

imho this is more a political issue: i was told, there are more differences between crj200 and crj700/900 (or take the dh8-300 and dh8-400) than between crj200 and cl604 -- airlineoperators can put a lot more pressure on manufacturers than biz-jet operators
(just compare the costs of the initial rating and recurrent prices )

just my2cents
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Old 9th Jan 2012, 19:08
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Well, like I already said, the Bombardier Montreal offered 604 to CRJ conversion which was about 7-8 days long.
Some class room studies focusing on differences, then 2 or 3 sim sessions and a check. And of course the closed book written, it being a JAA course.

That was at the end of 2007 and I did it in Montreal.

Again, like I said already, to my knowledge, that is not offered anymore.

And the 604 and CRJ (850) are very close to each other indeed.

No VNAV selection on FCP on 850, but that is the main difference operating wise.
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 17:19
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So just to be clear on this. The Challenger 604 and 605 are 1 type rating and as such you have 1 type on your license. However, the initial training for the Challenger 604 type requires difference training to be able to fly the 605. (and vice verca)

I,m asking because of 2 typerating restriction on JAR license.
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 18:15
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the link above guides you to the easa type ratings list

CL604 and 605 are one typerating -you need a differences training.

btw: you can have more than two ratings on your JAA licence - you just can fly two types commercially (and some CAAs allow to change these types monthly)

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