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"London Oxford Airport"

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"London Oxford Airport"

Old 25th Aug 2009, 15:10
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"London Oxford Airport"

Capital new name for Oxford airport - Yahoo! News UK

And I thought "London Manston" was laughable!

Come on Blackbushe, your runways only 50 metres shorter.....and "London Blackbushe" sounds so sexy.......
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Old 25th Aug 2009, 16:42
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Already been covered here: http://www.pprune.org/airlines-airpo...lington-3.html

and here: http://www.pprune.org/private-flying...on-oxford.html

Don't see what all the fuss is about personally. If the 'rebranding' highlights to 'Johnny foreigner' (those with their own jet!) Oxford as an alternate destination and increases traffic levels then it's all been achieved with very little expenditure; especially considering the media coverage it's had. That's a win-win for the airport and its employees.

Lets not forget one of the countries leading Helicopter Operators recently 'rebranded' from Oxford Aviation Services to Capital Aviation Services for much the same reason and (so I am informed) this had a very positive affect on it's business.

Leave the distance arguments to the geography nerds - business is business.

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Old 25th Aug 2009, 18:12
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You can't argue that he's got a point though. Geographically Manston is closer to Calais than London...

Little bit of Ryanair'itis creeping into the Private Jet world. Thin end of the wedge
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Old 25th Aug 2009, 18:19
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This is totally stupid and not helpful to business aviation. Those from abroad who buy flights to "London" expect to arrive somewhere near to London and will be not amused to find themselves in Oxfordshire..............
One of the main benefits of private jets is that you can get nearer to where you want to go and save valuable time. What next - London Norwich or London Birmingham????
Nonsense, utter balls.............
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Old 25th Aug 2009, 19:31
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Its better than asking for a flight to Palma and ending up in Parma..............
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Old 25th Aug 2009, 23:42
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Surely, if you have your own private aircraft & want to go to London, you'll fly to somewhere like Biggin Hill, Luton, Farnborough, Blackbushe, Fairoaks etc.. all of which are much closer to London than Oxford!

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Old 26th Aug 2009, 08:06
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We are based in Oxford and it is proving relatively popular with our punters, furthermore it depends where in London you are aiming to get to, Oxford is actually pretty good for the West End.

Cost is a big issue too at the moment and it is certainly a lot cheaper in all respects than EGLF and EGGW!!
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 08:13
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Bristol airport renamed Adge Cutler | News | This is Bristol
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 11:20
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I much prefer Lulsgate Bottom!

These days people ask for a trip to Bristol which results in discussion about which airport, it was much easier when they asked for 'Filton' or 'Lulsgate'.

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Old 26th Aug 2009, 13:41
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How about

"London Wales International" for CWL, "London Bristol South" for BRS & ''London Airbus International'' for Filton.

London Oxford, sorry it's a joke.
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 13:46
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Red On, Green On
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You have to remember that lots of people outside the UK refer to anything inside the M25 as London - and so everything W of the M1/M23 isn't that long a journey from Kidlington.
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 13:57
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ye olde never disputed London Gatwick is a lot further drive time from the west end than ye newe 'London Oxford'

well done oxford :-)
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 15:30
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Gatwick-West End
May be, but the really smart take the Gatwick Express and get there in less than 30 minutes but I do have to admit that a lot of the types that use Exec Jets prefer 90 minutes stuck in a Limo than taking a train
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 18:43
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Thank you, and the rest of you lot, leave Our Little Airport in the Country (LGW) out of it
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Old 9th Sep 2009, 21:20
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Utter Pants

Oxford is known well enough to most of the business community both here and overseas for it to stand alone as Oxford. Just Oxford...leave it at that. Oxford celebrated its 1000th anniversary last year so its been around a while as a town.

Indeed lets have London Cambridge to balance the equation then the academics at 'the other place' will not feel left out.

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Old 9th Sep 2009, 22:33
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Arkwright said:

Come on Blackbushe, your runways only 50 metres shorter.....and "London Blackbushe" sounds so sexy.......
Well, of course it once (pre-1960) properly was London Blackbushe. Then Gatwick was built and the rest is history....

It looked almost like a proper airport again today though, with 6 Bizjets on the main apron this afternoon.
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 21:08
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re london oxford

yes today we have

C510 X4.

More please (may the weather stay nice .
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Old 26th Sep 2009, 19:21
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Which Banana actually came up with the notion that Oxford was a tad too anonimous and required bigging up with a longer name? Re-branding has merits but this one does not.

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Old 26th Sep 2009, 21:01
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Get rid of navigators ... and what do you expect?
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Old 29th Sep 2009, 07:33
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Flatspin, so you would really prefer doing Mayfair to Oxford rather than Mayfair to Farnborough?

Mayfair to Oxford: 58 miles, 1 hour 13 minutes.
Mayfair to Farnborough: 37 miles, 47 minutes. (both courtesy of Multimap)

OK, so only based operators have access at weekends, fair point.

Pets? No problems with them at FAB that I'm aware of..... certainly have carried pets in and out of there before.

Attitude from the groundstaff? Very surprised to hear that, TAG handling are usually very good, certainly less attitude than you'll find at most european destinations!!! (AND, you won't risk getting your car clamped at Farnborough )
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