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India Four Two 13th Jan 2021 19:35

Boeing 747 Dreamlifter
A fascinating talk by Boeing test pilot Jerry Whites on the development and flight testing of the Dreamlifter. The video of the Vmcg tests (28:50 - 32:10) is particularly impressive.

The airplane starts to skate.

BSD 14th Jan 2021 17:19

Fantastic! Well worth listening to and not just for the Dreamlifter details. The Q & A session that follows his talk is remarkable.

Good spot India Four Two, thank you for the heads-up.

zetec2 14th Jan 2021 20:41

Agreed, a good hour or so's listening, amazing man.

megan 15th Jan 2021 01:24

Good spot India Four Two, thank you for the heads-up
It's because he reads other threads on Pprune.

India Four Two 15th Jan 2021 05:15

megan, which thread did you have in mind? ;)

treadigraph 15th Jan 2021 12:38

Enjoyed watching that with me cocoa last night!

So many good stories out there that need to be shared!

megan 15th Jan 2021 15:59

megan, which thread did you have in mind
I had in mind one of these, but the timing says you were well ahead, apologies.


I can highly recommend PeninsulaSrsVideos on Youtube, they have folks from all areas of aviation giving lectures, up to 1:20 in length.


India Four Two 15th Jan 2021 18:54


Thanks. No problem.

I thoroughly agree with your recommendation about the Peninsula Seniors Videos. I just watched this one on the YF-23:

A few years ago, I visited the museum at Torrance and had a close-up look at their YF-23.

PAXboy 16th Jan 2021 15:43

The interesting part, for me, was the open acknowledgement that the planning for bringing the components together was not thught of that early in the process. Unless he was adding to make his story more of a story - it showed up the problems that Boeing gave themselves in adopting the methods of Airbus at short notice.

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