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Liffy 1M 25th Sep 2015 17:29

In the days when Ryanair used to fly more interesting aircraft out of Luton but what year was it as I haven't got a clue?
This was in 1988, I think.

LTNman 26th Sep 2015 19:38

A trip down memory lane some 25 years ago. I sometimes forget how much the airport has changed and I note that the old departure lounge had more seating that its replacement.


DaveReidUK 26th Sep 2015 20:53

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 9129312)
I note that the old departure lounge had more seating than its replacement.

Passengers need to be walking around the shops, spending money, not sitting on their bottoms. :O

Buster the Bear 5th Oct 2015 16:24

Partnair Convair would have been 1988-89. After a fatal crash (not thier fault) during 1989, they soon went out of business sadly.

ZeBedie 6th Oct 2015 19:27

As a teenager I could not get this Monarch Crew trainer lined up through a small gap in the fence but I share this "half" a photo with you all today as this is the only photo on the net I have seen of this aircraft in its final role. Anyone know its reg?

Later on, there was a Britannia fuselage out on the airfield, in the possession of the airport fire service. I can remember using it for crew fire & smoke training.

Is this the same one?

It seems to have some sort of hook up through a window. Anyone care to speculate why?
Maybe a pipe for synthetic smoke? (or in those days, real smoke :) )

LTNman 6th Oct 2015 19:45

The old Britannia used for fire training is still at the airport and can be seen on Google map and Bing. It used to belong to Redcoat before ending up on the training ground. After being dragged into the long grass on a small hill it was abandoned.

Bing Maps

cj241101 6th Oct 2015 19:57

ex-Redcoat Brit
see my post 771 for a bit more info on this aircraft

boeing_eng 7th Oct 2015 21:41

LN-BWG was August 1988 (according to the site where the original pic is hosted!)


My pic of this has already been posted some months ago....message #893

LTNman 8th Oct 2015 05:09

Thanks Boeing_eng. I have corrected the photos credit from unknown source.

LTNman 10th Nov 2015 09:26

Luton's transformation started 20 years ago today but the vision didn't come initially from anyone at the airport that for years was going nowhere but from a Greek citizen who started an airline.


l.garey 10th Nov 2015 11:12

That brings back some memories. I have been a faithful customer of easyJet since my first flight with them as EZY902 on 6.11.1996 in borrowed BAC 111 G-AVMH from Luton to Edinburgh. The return flight was memorable (737 G-EZYB) as the captain let me sit at the sharp end for the whole flight. Those were the days.


LTNman 10th Nov 2015 14:49

What is sad is that I can remember the first day of operations. I watched a man meeting members of his family as though he hadn't seen them for 20 years and all for the price of a pair of jeans.

Level bust 10th Nov 2015 17:48

I can to!

Initially the 2 x 737s were flown by Air Foyle pilots.

LTNman 10th Nov 2015 18:38

Were they a couple of ex-Britannia Airways aircraft? Seem to remember that some of the plates screwed to the aircraft had Britannia Airways on them.

compton3bravo 10th Nov 2015 18:45

I thought the two B737s came from GB Airways even though they operated on Air Foyle´s AOC with GB Airways flight deck crew but maybe I´m wrong - again! The chap on the far right on the front row (crouched) was one of the Captains. Brings back happy memories being allowed on the jump seat a number of times - happy memories.

Level bust 10th Nov 2015 21:12

You're right, except the pilots were employed by Air Foyle, certainly the crew I flew with were. Britannia had the 737s until 1994. GB had them until 96, before going to EZY/Air Foyle in 96.

I can't remember But I should imagine EZY got their AOC when they got their first 737-300.

squeaker 10th Nov 2015 21:30

G-BECG & CH, ex Britannia B737-200s.

Wageslave 10th Nov 2015 21:46

LTMman, what is sad is the Contrast that with today when that man is quite likely to have paid at the level of a bespoke suit for his flight, each way.

compton3bravo 11th Nov 2015 06:30

Nope Wageslave, still plenty of ´´cheap´´ fares around, if you plan carefully. Recently flew Gib-Luton and return for just over 100 pounds all in (with Monarch) and did not book months in advance - five weeks to be exact; one sector was actually in half-term which I usually avoid like the plague. I don´t think I could get a bespoke suit for that in the UK maybe Hong Kong or Vietnam!

jumpseater 11th Nov 2015 07:52

I can't remember But I should imagine EZY got their AOC when they got their first 737-300.
The first two were operated by GB airways until Foyle took over, that was a short time of about six months, cant recall the exact details. Air Foyle then got the contract and ran the -200/300's and the 'Topswiss' aircraft operated by TEA, which became part of the easy family of airlines operated within the Easy AOC, though Swiss registered. eJ got their AOC (Oct97) after the arrival of the -300's. YA (ex Monarch, LTN turning circle brick carrier?) arrived spring/summer 96 and I think were up to either 6 or 8 aircraft by the time they got the AOC. A good number of the Foyle ops crewing guys were recruited by easy when the AOC was awarded. YF the infamous tech/hangar queen, was one of the aircraft operated by Air Foyle. The -300's were an eclectic mix to start with, clockwork and digital cockpits and different galley layouts, making allocating crews to them a bit challenging and sometimes meaning that catering couldn't be carried if the right tart carts weren't available!

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