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Airport with most diverse aircraft types

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Airport with most diverse aircraft types

Old 8th Jan 2022, 19:26
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At the last Oshkosh i went to in 2019 i logged 219 different types over the 10 days i was there. I did not include the sub types of the same basic frame or any of the types in the museum.
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Old 8th Jan 2022, 20:05
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Cranfield might be a good contender for largest number of different types visiting over a number of years in the UK - PFA Rally held there for a number of years which I think I'm right in saying often hosted 1000 plus separate aircraft over the weekend, plus the biennial Flight Business and Light Aviation show which also attracted lots of visitors as well as a range of exhibition aircraft. Good range of weird and wonderful types amidst myriad Pipers and Cessnas! Biggest aircraft there that I think I recall was a static Trident used by the Institute of Technology?
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 00:26
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This thread seems to have strayed from 'most types at an airport' to, 'most types at an airshow'. Even if Oshkosh is considered to be an airport (moot), how many different types would you see there on a non-show day?

Maybe the thread should be re-titled, "Airfield with most diverse aircraft types", but this would/should still preclude airshows/displays/fly-ins etc or I'll go with Davis Monthan. If you include Pima and the surrounding yards I doubt you'd beat it, but it ain't an airport, and I suspect derelicts and museum pieces miss the remit as much as fly-in types and airshow one-offs.
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 07:51
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Given the impossibility of establishing a definitive answer, I don't think we should worry too much about the criteria.

For the record, the OP was talking about how many types (however you define a "type") have used his local airport (however you define an "airport") over the last 60 years (however you define a ...).

Interesting discussion, nevertheless.
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 08:51
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SHJ in early 90s - Just about every variant of Tupolev , Antonov and Ilyushin plus all the Boeing's Airbuses and Douglas MD variants
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 09:36
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My definition of an airport is one that has customs and excise facilities, otherwise they are airfields, aerodromes or airstrips; however most American civil airfields that I have visited seem to be signposted "airport" even if there is nothing there but a dilapidated hangar, a tatty C172 with the prop missing and a herd of tumbleweed galloping down the runway. Military airfields are of course air bases or air stations.

Certainly think it is of interest to consider not only the diversity of size, ie ultralight to 747/AN124, but also the diversity of types, and fly ins such as Oshkosh and the various PFA/LAA and other events still count as far as I'm concerned.

I imagine types Gatwick these days are limited to B737/747/757/767/777/787, A220/A320/A330/A340/A350/A380, 146, the odd biz-jet, ummmm... ATR, Dash-8, ummmm... that tatty old MD80 on the south side which I think is still there... Embraers and the occasional military type.
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 18:45
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Dave ReidUK, thanks for the positive post. I guess any airstrip/airfield/aerodrome/airport/airbase/etc. would count.

My local airport used to have a lot of private/flying club aircraft, it used to host airshows with a lot of military and civillian aircraft, (including a demonstration of an ejection from a Phantom on one occasion), airliners were built there, aircraft maintenance was and is carried out, commercial airline operations have taken place since WWII and continue, military training flights take place, and a variety of other operations.
The diversity of types over the years is enormous.

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Old 9th Jan 2022, 19:02
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If we are talking here about the UK only, I would put Prestwick high on the list. Going back to the 1940s, it has served as a transatlantic stopping-off point, it has long been in effect a dual civil and military airfield, it served as a diversion airfield when other places were fogbound, it was a manufacturing and maintenance site and many airshows have also been held there. So, while the volume of movements has probably been generally low, it must have seen a great diversity of civil and military types over the years.
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Old 9th Jan 2022, 22:43
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In the U.K. Brize has to be a current contender with its mix of transport, fast jet, trainer, GA and foreign military types.
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Old 11th Jan 2022, 00:09
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Originally Posted by LTCTerry
Au contraire - KOSH - very much an airport.
Oshkosh is the city where Wittman Field (KOSH) is located.
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