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Aircraft Nicknames

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Aircraft Nicknames

Hi all. I've always found aircraft nicknames to be a source of amusement, so I've been copying and pasting a collection over the years from around the web. Here is what I found. Please add to it as you hear more!
Some make no sense. Some are hilarious. Caution younger readers, some of the names are on the blue side. But that's freedom of speech. And when some of these designs have killed dozens of people I think they've earned the right to me remembered in whatever way we say, whether that offends or not. History shouldn't be edited.

credit to B737.org and others: b737.org.uk and web.mit.edu/btyung/www/nickname

A10: Warthog

A318: Nanobus, Baby Bus

A319: Microbus, Shorty, Short Bus (Derogatory American phrase)

A320: MiniBus, NintendoJet, ScareBus, Chainsaw, Deathjet, Freddie Kruegers wet dream, Toulouse Grasscutter, The Strimmer, Fifi, Die-by-Wire, the French Bitch, Sully's Ark, Plastic Fantastic

A320 is known as 'The John Wayne' Because they 'Chop down trees, move mountains and kill Indians!'

A330: Slippy, The Aircraft in Plastic, The Bus, HalfPastThree

A340: Four-person Hair Dryer, LowRider (takes so long to get off the ground)

A340-400: the Noodle (as it's so long that it flexes like a noodle on takeoff)

A350: The Racoon

A380: Double Decker Bus, Megabus, Whalejet, the Wannabe Queen, Flying Forehead

A400M Atlas: Fatlass

Alouette: Chicken chaser

Antonov 2: Bumblebee, Annochka

Archer Maker: WidowMaker

AT6 Harvard: Halfard, Yellow Peril.

ATR: All Those Relays.

Avro Shackleton: Shacklecaster, flying Cow, Old Grey Lady, 10 Thousand rivets flying in loose formation

Avro Vulcan: Tin-triangle, Flat-iron, Mechanical Hang Glider

AW62 Argosy: Whistling Wheelbarrow (two tails makes it look like a wheelbarrow), Whistling/Flying Tit (because of the front nose profile), The Agony ( painful & noisy), The 40 ton converter (turns kerosene into noise)

BAC 111:Pocket rocket, Bone Vibrator.

BAe146: Viscount 900, Smurfjet with 5 APU's, The Gas Chamber, Bumble-et, Baby Jumbo, Bring Another Engine, 1-4-Sick, submarine- low slow and out of sight, Airborne Auschwitz, Barbie Jet, Tonka Toy/Jet, 4 oil leaks connected by an electrical fault, The Quadra-Puff, Lead Sled, Mini Galaxy, Sky Dozer, Fisher Price Starlifter, "1 aeroplane, 4 engines, needs 6", The Slug, Toxic Terror, Muffler (Because all the noise is on the inside), Fruit Bat, Flying cockroach, Dungbeetle, Jump Jet, The SUV of RJs, Jumbolino, Aluminum Buffalo, four hairdryers in close formation.

BAe ATP: Advanced/Another Technical Problem, The Parrot (cos it's just a big Budgie), Ancient Technology Perpetuated, Bat Pee, Skoda, 80p, Wigwam (A TeePee).

BAe Harrier: Leaping Heap

BAe Jetstream: Junkstream, Wetdream, Soda-stream, Sweatstream, Jetscream, J-Ball, Jizzstream

BAe Nimrod: Never Intended for Maritime Reconnaissance Or Development.

Beta: the MeatBeater

Bristol Beaufighter: Whispering Death

Bristol Freighter: Whispering Death, 10,000 rivets in close formation

Beech 18: Flying snag, Bugsmasher

Beech 76 Duchess: Dutch Ass, the Dutchy

Beech 99: 99-Liner

Beech Baron: Ball tearer

Beech Bonanza: Doctor killer (its reputation as such is ubiquitous)

Beech 200: Super K

Beech 1900: Flipper, Dolphin, Stonefish, Mini Guppy, Stretch King Air, Bitch 1900

Beech T-34: Radial Interceptor

Bell 206: Deathranger, Hydraulic palmtree

Bell UH-1: Huey, Hog, Dustoff

Beverly: Flying Longhouse

Bristol 188: The Mayfly

Bristol Britannia: The Whispering Giant (Was this the original WG?), Freighter version: The Whispering Warehouse

Bristol Freighter: Freightener

Boeing Stratocruiser: Stratoboozer (a reference to the bar these aircraft had on board), "The Best Three Engined Plane Crossing the Atlantic"

Boeing E4B: Doomsday Plane, The Ark, Double Humper

Boeing T43: Gator (for Navigator)

Boeing 707: Slush bucket, Water wagon

Boeing 727: 3 holer, Tri-jet, Trisaurus, Triple chrome-plated stovepipe, Jurassic Jet, Ear Blaster, The Scooter

Boeing 737: Tin mouse, Maggot, Pocket Rocket Socket, FLUF (Fat Little Ugly F**cker), Light Twin, Baby Boeing, Fat Freddy, Guppy, Thunder Guppy (series 1/200), Yuppy Guppy, Super Guppy (series 3/4/500), Pig, Bobby (BOeing BaBY), Rudder Rotor, Fat Albert, Dung Beatle.

Boeing 737NG: Super FLUF (Fat Little Ugly F**cker).

Boeing 747: Jumbo Jet, Whale, The Valiant, Upstairs and Downstairs, Lump, Humpback, Queen of the Skies (used for many aircraft but probably mostly the 747), the Aluminum Overcast.

Boeing 747SP: Short Plane, Stupid Purchase.

Boeing 757: Stick Insect, AtariFerrari, Slippery Snake, Flying Pencil, Long Tall Sally (long legs and two great big…engines.), Greased Bullet

Boeing 757-300: Long misery, Subway Train.

Boeing 767: Dumpster, Slug, Stumpy

Boeing 777: B737 on steroids, Cripple Seven (I.F.E. Problems??), Bigfoot (from the tripple bogey landing gear), Sasquatch, T7, Seventh Wonder, Trouble Seven, Grouper (the front end does look like one of those fish)

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Tupperjet (plastic tupperware), Firebird (since several early on-board fires), Seven-Late-Seven, Bad Dream Liner, Flatliner, Sparky the Game Changer, Binliner, The microwave (cooks batteries).

Boeing C-17 Globemaster: The Moose. Barney (Fred’s fat little friend).

B24: The Crystal Shithouse

B52: BUMF (Big Ugly Mother f***er) or BUFF. (Big Ugly Fat F****er), BFiftyTwoManyWheels

BN 2 Islander: 225 - 2 wings, 2 engines(?) 5 Wheels, Slander, Bongo, Noise inducting sound machine, with a slow flying by-product

BN 2A Trislander: Try Harder, Bloody Nice Aircraft (!), Clockwork TriStar, Poor Man's 727

Bombardier Q400: Mega-Whacker

Bombardier CRJ: BarbieJet, Canuckjet, Canuckiejet, Ken&Barbie Dreamjet, Reset Jet, Replacement Jet, Climb Restricted Jet

Buccaneer: Buccanana (due to its banana like shape)

CA-15 Winjeel: The Ginwheel

CAC Wirraway: The "Flying Chaff-cutter" (due to its clattering engine noise)

Canberra T17: Warthog (due to its warty nose)

Casa: Christ A Sh***y Aeroplane

Cessna 150: One Filthy, the buck and a half, Cesspit.

Cessna A150 Aerobat: Aerosplat

Cessna 172 Cutlass: Strutless, Gutless, Flying Chevette (due to its lack of performance and Cessna’s efforts to make their aircraft similar to the cars of the era - that 1970’s upholstery!).

Cessna 177 Cardinal: The Pontif

Cessna 185: Buck eighty-five

Cessna 207: Crowdkiller, Slug, Moneymaker

Cessna 210 Centurian: Coffin, 2-Ton

Cessna 337 Sky Master: Sky Disaster, Sky Maggot, Push-me-Pull-you, Mix Master, Bug Smasher, Push-me-Pull-me, Blow-me-Suck-me, suck & blow job, two-toed tanglefoot.

Cessna 402 Utiliner: Undyliner.

Cessna Citation: Levitation, Crustacean, Mutation, Slowtation, Nearjet, Bugjet, Twin Hoover

Cessna T-37: Tweet, Tweety or Tweety Bird (because of its high, shrill engine sound)

CF100: The Lead Sled, Clunk

CH-47 Chinook: Two palm trees ******* a dumpster, Hooker, Shithook, RPG Magnet, Death Banana

Concorde: Great White, The Rocket, Rockership, Pocket Rocket, Paraffin Pencil

Convair B36: Aluminium overcast

Convair F102 Delta Dagger: The Deuce

Convair 580: Mountain Master, Vomit Comet

Convair 990: Coronado, Smoky Joe

CRJ: Canadair Rookie Jet

CRJ200: Shortdart, Lawndart, barbiejet

CRJ900: Longdart

CT-4A: (which was painted bright yellow and green in RAAF service) - the Plastic Parrot

Curtis SB2C Helldiver: the Beast, SonofaBitch2ndClass, Big-Tailed Beast and the 'Two-Cee'

DC 2: Deuce.

DC 3: Dak, Dakotasaurus Rex, Gooney Bird, Draggin' Wagon, Douglas Racer (compliments of late BC/A columnist Torch Lewis and the airplane's leisurely 140 KIAS cruise speed), Dakleton (South African built Daks as replacement for AVRO Shackletons), Dizzy Three, Dowager Dutchess, Duck

DC 6: Douglasaurus Rex

DC 7: Douglas Seven Seas (From DC-7C)

DC 8: DC Late, Old Smokey, Greasy8, Death Cruiser, Whiney Bird, Cigarette Jets (Long skinny fuselages and long thin engines that smoked), Santa Monica Anteater (for Douglas' HQ city and the airplane's loooong nose), The Long Beach Cable Car (If you look at the fuel panel, all those levers were connected to their respective valves by long cable runs. Same with the trim, flight controls and outflow valves)

DC 9-10/15: Pocket Rocket, Mini-Me, Baby Nine

DC 9: Greasy 9, Diesel 9, DC3-GT, Douglas Death Ship-(heard from a PSA pilot in the 1980s due the difficulties during FAA certification)

DC 10: Diesel 10, Death Contraption 10, Death Cruiser 10, Daily Crash 10, Donald's Disaster, Crowd Killer

MD 11: The Diva, More Death 2, I also like 'Scud' for the MD-11, once you launched it, you were not sure were it was going to land.

DH 82 Tiger Moth: Terror Moth.

DH Comet: Vomit

DH Vampire: The whistling pisscan.

DHC 1 Chipmonk: Chippie, Chukmonk.

DHC 3 Otter: Swine, Steam Otter.

DHC 4 Caribou: The Gravel Truck ("The only aircraft known to man that could suffer a birdstrike from behind".)

DHC 5 Buffalo: Barfalo

DHC 6 Twin Otter: Tin Otter, Twin Rotter, Twotter, Stoneboat, Twottercopter, noise powered aeroplane, Double Udder

DHC 7 Dash Seven: Quad Otter, Pogo Stick

DHC 8 Dash Eight: Dash Late, Crashbait, DashTrash, Trash8, Crash8, Trauma Tube, Dashidy Trashidy Boom, The Sausage

DO 17: Flying Pencil

DO 228: Doorknob, Gonzo (everything forward of the wing leading edge looks like a certain Muppet's head)

DO 328: Dork

DO 328J: Dorkjet

Douglas Maurader: Flying Prostitute

Douglas A1D Skyraider: The Spad

Douglas A4 Skyhawk: Bantam Bomber, Scooter

Douglas AC47 (DC3 Gunship): Spooky, Puff the Magic Dragon, Fantasma, Dragon Dak

Douglas C54 Skymaster: Biscuit Bomber (from Berlin Airlift days)

Douglas C124 Globemaster: Shakey Bird, "Old Shaky" due to its tendency to do a lot of that in flight, and "the Aluminium Cloud" because it was, with four props and a double high fuselage basically built on DC-6 / C-118 wings, the hugest return on anyone's radar

Douglas Skywarrior: 'All Three Dead' a mixture of its awful early safety record, three crew, and its US Navy designation of A-3D

eHang: eWang, Macerator

EMB110 Bandierante: Bandit, Randy Banty

EMB120 Brasillia: Garbage Can, Brakillya, Mexican King Air, The Bro, The Braz

EMB135: Scopebuster

EMB145: Jungle Jet, Barbie Jet, The Windows 98 Plane (seems like you spend more time rebooting the aircraft than actually flying it), Bendy Jet, Emb180 (taxi to the runway, then 180 for taxi back to ramp), WiSCOD (Whistling Shitcan of Death)

EMB ERJ: Brazillian Tube of Death, Jungle Jet, Brasilia Jet (Really p***es off the pilots...)

Ercoupe: Scarecoupe, Air Scoop

Fokker 27: The Dutch Dog Whistle, The Egg Beater, Whistle Pig, The Converter - (ie, it converted fuel into noise).

Fokker 28: WhisperJet, She Who's Afraid of Snow

Fokker 50: F**kin' Fifty, Little Fokker, Pinocchio

Fokker 100: The Scud Because they point them at Europe and they don't come back!, Dutch Oven (lousy air conditioning), Runway Hog, The Mother Fokker (as it is the largest Fokker)

FA 18: Bug, Rhino

Fairey Gannet: Converter of Kerosene to Noise

Fairey Swordfish: Stringbag

F-4 Phantom: Grey Geese, Double Ugly, Rhino

F-15A Eagle Steam Driven Eagle (for the old avionics compared to new C-models)

F-15E Eagle Mud Hen (self-explanatory)

F-86 Sabre Sword

F-100 Hun

F-102 Deuce

F-104 Starfighter Flying coffin, Widowmaker, Manned missile, Zipper, The Pregnant Hatpin, Erdnagel (literally "earth nail"), from the military term for "tent peg"

F-105 The Thud

F-106 Cadillac (smooth flyer, lots of power, fast, huge cockpit)

F-111: Aardvark, The Pig

F-117: Cockroach (because they only came out at night). NightHawk

Flutr Model 1: Daydream, the 4-Ring

Fouga: Dog-whistle, Converter, Whistling Turtle

HS121 Trident: Rodent, Ground Gripper

HS125: Pocket rocket

HS748: Paraffin Budgie, the Draggie, The Twenty Ton Dog Whistle.

GAF Nomad: Go-mad, Gonad

Gazelle: Chicken leg

Gloster Javellin: Flying Trowel, Harmonious drag master, Flat Iron

Gloster Meteor: Meatbox

Gulfstream I: G-String, G-Once

Gulfstream IV: Fourskin

Handley Page Hampden: Flying Suitcase

Hawker Hunter: Haunter

HP Halifax: Halibag

IAI Westwind: Lead Sled, Jew Canoe, Heebjet, Bagel Bomber, Yom Kippur Clipper

Jaguar: Septic Cat

Jet Provost: JP, The variable noise machine

Joby: Blowme

Katana DA20: Flying sperm

KittyHawk: PityHawk

Lake Amphibian: Doctor Killer

LearJet: FearJet, Noisemaker

Lilium: TheRanos

Lockheed Constellation: Connie, Cancellation, “the best tri-motor ever” so good that sometimes the 4th engine works!

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy: Cumulus Aluminus, FRED (F*cking Ridiculous Economic Disaster)

Lockheed C130 Hercules: Fat Albert, Trash hauler, Herkybird, Cessna 130

Lockheed F117: BatMobile

Lockheed Jetstar: Lawn Dart

Lockheed 1011 TriStar: Bistar (Had so many RB211-22B failures), El-10-Elemon, FrightStar, Tritanic, Swamp Eater, Swamp Buggy, DeathStar

Lockheed P38 Lightning: The Fork-Tailed Devil, Two planes one pilot

Lockheed SR71: Blackbird, was also often called "Habu" because of its frequent deployment to Okinawa (where the habu is a nasty pit viper).

Lockheed T-33: T Bird, Lockheed Racer (because it was anything but fast)

Lockheed YF12: The Thing

MD 11: Mad Dog, Mega Dog, Mechanical Disaster 11, More Death 11, MD-911, She Who Won't Land, She Who Won't Sell

MD 80: Mad Dog 80, Stupid 80 (They call them Super 80's), Minimum Delay 80 (Minutes), Super Tube, Super Slug, Douglas Death Tube, Long Beach Sewer Pipe, Lead sled (because it was underpowered)

MD 95: John Holmes condom

MD Demon: Screamin Demon

Mitsubishi Zero: type one lighter ( due to its ability to readily catch fire when attacked!)

Mitsubishi MU-2: Widow Maker, Hiroshima Screamer, Rice Rocket, Kill You - 2, Ice Magnet

Mohawk 298/Nord 262: Pteradactyl

Northrop T38: White Rocket

OH-58D Kiowa: Remote-Controlled Upside-Down Lawnmower, Kenny (the sight system looks like the South Park character)

Partenavia: Part-of-Mafia, Partial Aviator, Part Banana

PA-20 Pacer: The sled

PA-22 Tri Pacer: Pie Chaser, Fly Paper, Milk stool

PA-23 Aztec: Az-Truck, Azwreck, Flying Potato

PA-28 Arrow: Sparrow

PA-28 Cherokee: Cherry Tree, Chickopee

PA-28 Warrior: Worrier

PA-30 Twin Comanche: Twinkle

PA-31 Navajo: Never-go, Have-a-go, The Ho

PA-34 Seneca: Senekiller

PA-38 Tomahawk: Traumahawk, Terrahawk, SpinMaster, Ratshit Hatchet

PA-44 Seminole: Semenhole

PA-60: ScareOstar, Death Star.

PC12: Platypus.

PBY 5 Catalina: Pigboat, Dumbo.

Puma: Plastic pig, Percy.

Republic Thunderchief: Thud

RJ70/100: Real Jet

Robinson R22: The Happy Hopping Easter Egg (they're cute and colorful...and look like toys.)

SA 227 Metroliner: San-Antonio sewerpipe, Texas Sewer Pipe, Death pencil, The Screamin Weenie, Texas Lawn Dart, Swetro (It got very hot in the summer), Baltimore Whore (no visible means of support, skinny lil 'ol wings), Terror Tube, "That noisy ******* thing", Widow maker, Kerosene Crowbar, Fear tube, Necroliner, Buzzbomb, Metrowhiner, Death Tube, Turbo Dildo, San Antonio Sewer Rocket.... With Garrett Grenades, The Drainpipe

SAAB: Slaab, Swedes Aren't Airplane Builders, S.O.B

SAAB 35 Draken: Flying Trowel

SAAB J29: Flying Barrel

S3 Viking: Hoover

Shorts Belfast: Belslug, Belslow (because it was so slow), in the early days they were called 'Dragmasters' because they were so slow and after Shorts fixed them with the strakes either side of the rear ramp they were called 'Fastbacks'

Shorts Sandringham: The Triple Decker Bus

Shorts Skyvan: The Whispering Nissan Hut

Shorts 330: The Two Tailed Shed, Horse Float, Milk Carton, Winnebago, Box Car, Short Van, The Shed

Shorts 360: Box, Shoe Box, Barn, Shed, Long Short, The box that the Skyvan came in, Winnabego with Wings, The Irish Concorde

Sikorsky S61N: "Miss Piggy", (fat and ugly)

Socata Rallye: "tin parachute" for its near vertical descent into short fields, "tin parasol"-- for their reluctance to stall (with leading edge slats)--they just descend almost vertically

Sopwith Triplane: Tripehound

Strikemaster: Constant speed - variable noise machine.

Supermarine Scimitar: The Beast.

Supermarine Stranraer: Whistling Shithouse

Supermarine Walrus: Shagbat

T-21 Sedburgh: The Barge

TB-10 Tobago: Toboggan - because they only perform downhill!

Tornado: Tonka

TSR-2: Throw Some Rocks Two, Teararse

Tu144: Concordski

UH-60 Black Hawk: Lawn Dart, Crash Hawk

VC-9 Vanguard: Vickers Vibrator

VC-9 Vanguard Merchantman: The Guards Van, Whispering Warehouse, Shuddering Shithouse (because the crude crew toilet was in the entrance which was the forward service door on the original Vanguard. When the entrance door was open on the ground the whole world could see you having a pee!)

VC-10: Iron Duck, Vickers Knickers, The flying chandelier

Vickers Varsity: Flying pig

Vickers Wellington: Wimpey

Volocopter: DecapaCopter

Vultee BT13: Vultee Vibrator (due to shaking in a spin)

Westland Wessex: Walter Wessex or Wobbly Wessex
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Shamelessly copied from the “Coffee break”
thread in the Rotorheads section:

OH6/Hughes 500 'Flying Egg'
Piasecki H21 'Flying Banana'
SA341/2 Gazelle 'Whistling Chicklen Leg'

Kamov KA32 'Helix'
Bell UH1 'Slick'
Bell AH1 'Snake'
HH-3 Sea King 'Big Mother'
CH46 Sea Knight 'Frog'
CH53 'Pave Low'
Mi12 'Homer'
AH1Z 'Viper'
CH47V 'Vampire Shredder'

CH37C 'Deuce'
MDX 'Explorer'
Sikorsky S72 'X Wing'
Kawasaki OH1 ‘Ninja’
MH60A ‘
Velcro Hawk’

Recently I read
NH-90 ‘Naughty’
on this forum
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I know, it's not the same, perhaps even cheating a bit... but I think you should get a copy of this book: https://amzn.to/3ymThox

From this book:
Vickers VC10 - Vicky Ten, Big White Bird, Skoda
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Some other names
Beech 18 ….Expeditor, Beech Exploder
Bell 206 …Jet Ranger -, Death Ranger, Blade Slinger
Bell 206-L Long Ranger, Lots of Danger Ranger,
AS 350 Astar, Death Star, Falling Star, Disastar
DHC-3 Otter, Stone Boat, Young Pilot’s Dream ( Lots of Tail )
Hughes 269 Cabover Chain Saw
Hughes 500 Boiled Egg with a Hard On, LOACH ( Mark the target with a burning Loach)
PBY. Catboat, Black Cat, Canso, Pig boat
CL-215 ..Packing crate for a Canso.
DC-3 Greasy 3
S-92 in Air log colours ..School bus with a Rotor system.
WW2 Ryan PT-22 trainer..The Maytag Messerschmitt .
Of course all WW2 Trainers were called “Yellow Perils”

Of course the number of aircraft called Lawn Darts and Widow Makers are legion. Wasn’t there a USN aircraft nicknamed “The Ensign Killer”

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Several previous threads on aircraft nicknames that a forum search should unearth.
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VC-10 was either Queen of the Skies, or The Big White Gozome Bird.
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L1011 - PFM. 1st word is Pure, 3rd is Magic. Work out the 2nd.

The C150/152 will forever be the ultimate Spam Can.

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Dan-Air's Bae 146s G-BKMN and G-BKHT seemed to suffer a number of technical issues when first acquired, Some nicknamed MN "Mechanical Nightmare" and HT "Hatfield Trash."

I remember the British Midland ATPs at Heathrow being referred to as "Skodas" occasionally when ATC ground gave traffic information to other aircraft.

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Westland Wasp or Scout. The whistling shithouse
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Supermarine Walrus = Pussers Spitfire.
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Martin B-26 Marauder - Martin Murderer, One a day in Tampa Bay
DH Mosquito - Wooden wonder
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Not to detract from the fabulous collection by DarryIO

A340-400: the Noodle (as it's so long that it flexes like a noodle on takeoff)
A340-600 I think??

Thread Drift
I remember standing at the very back of the Y cabin on a trip across the Pond and watched it flex. Better to be in the Premium Economy as then you were at the wing root. However, on a night trip back from JNB, I watched out the window as the stars went up and down. She was rolling side-to-side and I saw this on other journeys of the -600.

When it comes to the B17, my father taught us children:
"We're flying Flying Fortresses at 40 000 feet
"We've got bags of point five ammo and a teeny-weeny bomb"
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T-37: Tweet, 6000lb Dog Whistle, The Air Force's experiment in converting JP-4 into noise.
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I’ve heard the Bristol 170 Freighter referred to as the Bristol Frightener.
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Originally Posted by PAXboy View Post
A340-400: the Noodle (as it's so long that it flexes like a noodle on takeoff)
The A340-400 was better known as the Hen's Tooth.
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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
The A340-400 was better known as the Hen's Tooth.
I think he means the A340-600.
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Taxiing out at Cologne one night, we were told to follow the line of 4 TNT 146s. The FO replied to the tower, " We'll follow the infestation of cockroaches".
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In Its day, I can remember the Victa Airtourer being referred to as '20,000 rivets flying in close formation'......

and sounded like it too when doing 'stalls'.....all that 'rattling' from the back end....
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When the C-17 was new us C-141 pilots used to be called it “Buddha” because it was big, fat, sat around doing nothing, and people worshipped it.
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Apparently the C-17 is a “Moose” due to the noise it makes on startup.

In the spotter community the original 737 was a “pig” and the Embraer 170/190 was a “Womble” due to the shape of its nose.
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