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BOAC 747 - April 1971

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In retrospect .... enlarged the original photo, Capt. doesn't look like Phil Brentnall. 2nd from the right looks familiar tho' ?
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Do you reckon Hugh bought that Cobra on a BOAC SFO salary?
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Originally Posted by flash8 View Post
The original label is "BOAC April 1971 - B747 complete crew in front of aircraft LHR - April 1971", so you may well be right (I have no idea personally but imagine they were introduced around that time?).
First delivery 22 April 1970. They then sat unused for a whole year in an industrial dispute with the pilots over rates of pay on it. Only 747 introductory carrier where this happened.

Originally Posted by mtogw View Post
As an 11 year old our VC10 flight to Lagos was delayed 24 hrs due to 'generator problems'..??!! BOAC looked after us wonderfully,, including a trip to the zoo and a ride over to the hangar to see the new 747 ,, It was a lasting impression,, we were all regular fliers and copletely in awe !!
That was in the days when this sort of thing happened. Remember a near-12 hour delay on Wardair at Gatwick, we were coached for a tour of Beachy Head etc, ending up for dinner at a hotel in Brighton before getting back.

Last time I had a big issue with BA at Heathrow I got a 5 refreshment voucher ... which the Pret-a-Manger near the gates then refused as "we don't take those".
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My first ever flight was on a BOAC 747 G- AWNJ ?? , LHR JFK BA175 , which still exists to this day Dep LHR 1100 Arr JFK 1335 . Staff travel trip (via my dad) Thanksgiving Day with Thanksgiving dinner for lunch and 'Afternoon Tea ' Y was pretty good back then
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Ah those were the days, when airlines were structured for the benefit of the Captain.
About three hours out of Heathrow we were herded out of the upstairs bar which we were told was closed for an hour.
It was so odd that curiosity overcame me and I headed back up the stairs to find the captain having a significant lunch in splendid isolation, being attended to by a handmaiden and the barman.
I was traveling first class.
I understand that in those days the needs of the flight crew had the highest priority, engineering was a consideration and ops had a thing or two to say.

And passengers? well, they were just a damn nuisance.
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The early 747's still had the sextant mounting,
Murg ..... IIRC - but I wasn't there - Didn't the early 747s also have a LORAN set ?

Mounted somewhere outboard of the F/O's seat ...... Just in Case .......

Where would he lay the LORAN chart if he needed to plot a position ?

It was the size of a small bed sheet. You needed the A Bird's help to fold it.



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Originally Posted by toratoratora View Post
Do you reckon Hugh bought that Cobra on a BOAC SFO salary?
I met him at Airbus training in TLS many years after the normal retirement age so perhaps he was still paying for it.
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