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Post Boeing STRATOCRUISER Flying Once Again

The big Boeing 377/C-97G STRAT is once again back in the skies after a long wakeup call. Owned & operated by the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation from Toms River NJ. This non profit tax exempt,all volunteer membership corporation is dedicated in preserving in flying condition as a COLD WAR MUSEUM EXIBIT this great Boeing Proptransport from the past. Only 2 of these STRATS survive in the WORLD today that are still AIRWORTHY!! HER new name is "Angel Of Deliverance" & now sits on ramp at Millville Airport NJ after HER ferryflight EAST from Aberdeen SD. The big STRAT looks fantastic in HER new paint scheme. Only 100 more miles to go to reach HER new home at the hangar in the NYC area. At the hangar the work will begin on HER interior with displays,showcases & memorabilia of the COLD WAR yrs history & how this great proptransport was the forerunner of SAC & Cargo & Tanker fleet we have today.Help & support is always welcomed in our project to preserve this fine Classic Proptransport. See us at <a href="http://www.spiritoffreedom.org" target="_blank">www.spiritoffreedom.org</a> Thanks "Help Keep the Legacy Alive"
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When i operated out of MIA there was a Boeing STRATOCRUISER which flew a weekly run out to a southern destination???.
they had two of them ,i think one of them was used for parts?.

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Of course a C-97 is not a Stratocruiser, but we'll let that pass. Several survive but it is probably correct to say that only two are airworthy - the BAHS one and a water bomber at Greybull WY. The last real Strat was inexcusably broken up at Tucson sometime in the 1980s.

The Miami operator was Agro Air (Dom. Rep). There was still one of their C-97s derelict at MIA a couple years ago.
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I saw the Agro Air C97 - which I understand was used to haul meat? - on finals to MIA once around '89 - rather an interesting acute nose down approach it was as well!
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Ah, and this summer we all parked our helicopters for an hour or so and watched that C-97 with her very nice little PC-7 bird-dog, water bombing at Kenai, Alaska. Amazing airplane, and very inspiring for all us old airplane freaks who were working there!

Talking of Strat's. I've moved a load now and then with the old Guppy. Sadly her flying days are over now, but she's open to the public at the Tillamook Air Museum.<a href="http://www.tillamookair.com/aircraftlist.html" target="_blank">Tillamook Air Muserum</a>

This web-site has some great historical shots of the conversion to a Mini-Guppy; minor mod to a Strat! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> )! An old friend of mine was the crew-chief on the airframe and wing mod team and explained the process of building the airplane and creating the drawings as they went (the way real airplanes are built!) Here are the pictures of how it was done!<a href="http://www.allaboutguppys.com/mg/377mgf.htm" target="_blank">Mini Guppy 377</a>

There are a couple of good links from this site with some great shots of the interior and also some shots of her when she hauled SkyCranes (and other things for a living).

Hopefully see this C-97 here somewhere around in the future!

I believe that the Stratocruiser that was in Miami was procured by the Smithsonian.
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Just to give credit where it's due: it was Jim's previous postings on the Strat that created the germ of the idea for this forum.

It took a while Jim but we hope you and the many other groups who restore and preserve our aviation heritage keep us all updated.

Regards to all
Rob Lloyd
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