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Test Pilot Anna Kreisling ?

I am stretching the term R-U-M-O-U-R here because I have read a claim that during WW2 a lady called Anna Kreisling co-piloted a Ju-390 aircraft from Norway to Michigan and then close to new York flew back to France.

Has anybody ever heard of Kreisling and if so, do you know where she lives now ?

The claim I read was that she lived next door to a guy called James Newsom, but I have no lead on him either ?

Any constructive thoughts short of rasberries would be appreciated thanks.
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Well we won't unless someone like myself doesn't make an effort to dig up the information.

Wikipedia has nothing on Ann Kreisling which is what I am looking for.

Maybe someone knowns James Newsom who alerted me that Kreisling is his neighbour ?

Incidentally Ju-390 pilot Hans Pancherz is apparently sill alive in Barcelona and he gave an interview in 1969 to the daily Telegraph about a flight to South Africa in a Ju-390.

Anybody know how to contact Hans Pancherz please ?

Perhaps someone knows how to contact RLM test pilot Joachim Eisenmann ?
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As it may interest readers here I add some things from my research:

Not many people realise that the Ju-390 V1 prototype which first flew from Junkerswerke Dessau in August 1943 was actully the converted Ju-90 V6 constructors number J4918.

As a Ju-90, it had been registered D-AOKD and then KH+XC in Luftwaffe service until April 1942, when it's Ju-390 conversion began.

The second Ju-390 V2 was apparently converted from Ju-290 A1 werke number J900155 which became RC+DA and first flew from Mersberg 20 October 1944 (sometimes also cited as Bernberg).

Oberleuitnant Joachim Eisenmann flew the Ju-390 V2 twice at Reichlin on 9 February 1945 (edited: previous 1944 error correction)

This former Ju-290, Ju-390 converted airframe has no record of ever having a service life, or registration as a Ju-290, however it does have association with a test program at Prague where the Ju-290 production line was set up.

The Ju-390 V2 had a lengthened fuselage.

Ju-390 pilot Hans Pancherz said in a 1969 interview that he flew the transport aircraft. It is known that one Ju-390 was a maritime patrol bomber fitted with FUG200 Hohentweil nose radar.

Confusion reigns as to which one was which however test Pilot Hans Pancherz in an interview by the Daily Telegraph in September 1969 recounting his Ju-390 flight to South Africa, mentioned that he flew the Ju-390 transport version.

Pancherz has since 1969 given interviews about Ju-390 missions to a Spanish newspaper from his home in Barcelona.

There are three independent sources for a claim that the Ju-390 flew a mission from Bodo in Norway to Tokyo on 28 March 1945.

One of those sources was former Reichs Armaments Minister Albert Speer in his autobiography "Inside the Third Reich."

It is known that the Ju-390V1 marked GH+UK was flown to Dessau in October 1944 and stripped of propellers. In April 1945 it was burned to prevent capture.

The flight to Tokyo could not have occured on that date if there was only one flying Ju-390.

Evidence from declassified Polish and Argentine Intelligence reports indicate that Ju-390 V2 ended up on a German ranch in Paysandu province, Uruguay in May 1945 where it was dismantled.

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