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JammedStab 9th May 2017 06:01

Happened to our prime minister about 20 years ago...


So much for security.

Airbubba 9th May 2017 06:05

Oy, these things happen... :eek:

Gates Gets Pied: Bill Gates gets hit with a pie in 1998 - NY Daily News

Originally Posted by JammedStab (Post 9765210)
Happened to our prime minister about 20 years ago...

Even in France? :confused:

tail wheel 9th May 2017 06:55

I dunno whether any of the mods would know what a 'cream pie' is?
Of course!! :ok: Betty Crocker Cream Pie Recipes

Ex FSO GRIFFO - classic! :} :ok:

Some of the best responses I've seen in years are in this thread!


Berealgetreal 9th May 2017 07:00

Probably a VA shareholder
Wrong guy I'm afraid.

Regardless, its an assault so i hope the book is thrown at the pie thrower.

goudie 9th May 2017 07:08

Well, the thread title was certainly an attention getter. 19 replies and over 2000 viewers...probably disappointed!

unobtanium 9th May 2017 07:29

Might not be the first time he got creamed in the face.

Heywoodjablome 9th May 2017 08:03

take it he was talking about the new Creamliner sorry Dreamliner

AEROMEDIC 9th May 2017 08:31

Cream pie
I'm surprised that it's taken this long for something like this to happen.
After the COMPLETELY unnessary grounding by Joyce, I thought some action from badly affected pax would have occurred first.
"What ye shall sow.."

Jetstarpilot 9th May 2017 08:37

Religious zealot??
My coin is on this bein the rezult of a religious zealot reading stories like this and reacting to his feelingz impotent regarding the mainstream acceptance of "diversity"

AerialPerspective 9th May 2017 08:53

Regardless of what people think of him, I thought it was disgusting. If you can't make an argument or challenge someone with words and intelligence then don't resort to violence. Didn't think it was funny at all, although some of the responses on here are, but rather, just a dick head making an idiot of himself.
Apparently he dealt with it with some humor, after cleaning his face and shedding his jacket he said to the audience "OK, if there's any more pies can we please get them over with now before I start again"

p.j.m 9th May 2017 09:10

Originally Posted by deanm (Post 9765172)

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy :)

p.j.m 9th May 2017 09:12

Originally Posted by Berealgetreal (Post 9765247)
hope the book is thrown at the pie thrower.

pfffttt - he should get a medal

Heathrow Harry 9th May 2017 09:21

all in favour - brings people down to earth.....

be interested to find out what the motivation was .....

knobbycobby 9th May 2017 09:44

Good quip from him indeed Aerial perspective.
Was probably expecting multiple incoming loads.

Ida down 9th May 2017 09:59

Originally Posted by seafury45 (Post 9765090)
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has copped a pie in the face while speaking at a business breakfast in Perth.

Mr Joyce was three minutes into his speech when an elderly man appeared from behind him with a cream pie.

The attacker, aged in his late 60s or early 70s, grabbed Mr Joyce and pushed the dessert into the chief executives face, the West Australian reported.

Security staff quickly grabbed the man off stage. It remains unclear why Mr Joyce was targeted

Read more at Qantas CEO Alan Joyce attacked with cream pie at business breakfast - 9news.com.au

Obviously, some elderly staffer, did not appreciate the ring.

Toluene Diisocyanate 9th May 2017 10:00

What a waste of a tasty lemon meringue pie.

Another Number 9th May 2017 10:49

Originally Posted by Berealgetreal (Post 9765247)
Wrong guy I'm afraid.

Regardless, its an assault so i hope the book is thrown at the pie thrower.

So throwing a harmless lemon meringue pie is a heinous assault, but throwing the book is warranted?

He's lucky he didn't cop a shoe!*

*Probably wouldn't need to duck to avoid it, though...

The name is Porter 9th May 2017 11:23

resort to violence.
Get a grip..........

mr did 9th May 2017 11:32

Poof Pastry?

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