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Toruk Macto 13th Apr 2016 16:33

PNG crash
Multiple deaths after plane crashes in Papua New Guinea | Stuff.co.nz

Teddy Robinson 13th Apr 2016 16:51

This attrition rate is surely too much ?
We all know, as professionals that PNG and Nepal are very challenging environments, but surely, there has to be a concerted attempt to mitigate those risks: a combination of enhanced equipment and a committed regulator with teeth might be a good start ?

enola-gay 13th Apr 2016 16:51

That picture in the NZ Stuff and Sydney Morning Herald is from a defunct operator of the DC3 in Kenya in the 1980s, also called Sunbird Aviation. It is not from the PNG based Sunbird which has a facebook page


tail wheel 13th Apr 2016 21:07

PNG crash near Kiunga??
Australian pilot thought to be among a dozen killed in PNG plane crash


Sleeper88 13th Apr 2016 21:20

I think the plane involved may have been an Islander. Not a lot of details at this stage in relation to the crash except it was in the Kiunga area

tail wheel 13th Apr 2016 21:30

Twelve in an Islander?

You may be correct, they had two Turbine Islanders originally P2-SBA and P2-SBB. One ended up in the drink at Vanimo?

I think the DC3 photo being used by the media may be Douglas DC-3 5Y-DAK of Sunbird Aviation, Kenya that crashed in 1987.

Flash Blackman 13th Apr 2016 23:00

It Was BP for anyone who knew him

Duck Pilot 13th Apr 2016 23:16

RIP to the victims. Toughest environment I had ever flown in, with Oksapmin being one of the worst strips up there to get into. Strip itself is ok, however the turbulence can be horrendous in the crafter. Hope he didn't get stuck in the Strickland Gorge like I once did.

Wet season up there yet? Starts at around this time of the year.

Familyof_LimaRomeo 13th Apr 2016 23:42

Condolences to the families. Having recently gone through the loss in PNG of the pilot in our family our thoughts are with you.

The Ancient Geek 14th Apr 2016 00:46

The company oprates BN-2 Islanders.
How do they get 12 bodies from a 10 seat aircraft ?.

Going Nowhere 14th Apr 2016 02:14

?Aussie? pilot among plane crash dead in Papua New Guinea

Going Nowhere 14th Apr 2016 02:14

?Aussie? pilot among plane crash dead in Papua New Guinea

mauswara 14th Apr 2016 02:28

Ancient one,Most,(if not all ?) PNG BN2's were fitted with "high density (ie bench type) seating.The idea being most PNG punters were smaller in stature than yur average caucasion,cheers maus

Pinky the pilot 14th Apr 2016 02:56

Read that engine failure may be a cause. Never flown a Turbine Islander so wouldn't have a clue on how they are on one engine.

Anyone know?

Hope he didn't get stuck in the Strickland Gorge like I once did.
From memory I once heard a Talair Pilot describe being in that situation. He did not enjoy the experience! Still had the shakes whenever he spoke about it.

As an afterthought, Duck Pilot; Wasn't you perchance?

tail wheel 14th Apr 2016 03:04

Been a few stuck in the Strickland George due weather, including an Avdev Islander still there.

But this accident was on final into Kiunga, RW 07/25 is 1,271 meters x 23 meters, 97 feet above sea level, so no shortage of length for a Bongo Van, whether gas or kero.

TunaBum 14th Apr 2016 04:27

How do they get 12 bodies from a 10 seat aircraft ?.

Babes-in-arms probably... :(

TBM-Legend 14th Apr 2016 05:40

When I was at Ok Tedi an Avdev Islander [Andy Parr] drove into the Hindenberg Wall [~9000ft or so] about 100' from the top. One little girl somehow survived that one.

Sad about this one>>

Metro man 14th Apr 2016 06:50

The terrain around Kiunga is relatively flat and its not a particularly demanding strip, unlike Oksapmin and the "bips" in the highlands. The piston engine Islander is not great on one engine, particularly the 265hp version, can't comment on the turbine one.

Twelve on board is quite possible in PNG with babies and small children, there was a Twin Otter accident with around 28 onboard in the mid 1990s.


Amelia_Flashtart 14th Apr 2016 07:50

Three of the 12 fatalities were children which explains 12 POB

Killer Loop 14th Apr 2016 08:00

I would like to add my condolences to the friends and family of the victims. PNG is so unforgiving. In time we will hopefully find out why what happened, happened and learn.

I would also like to say how much I miss my friend to the Familyof_LimaRomeo. I flew with LR on many occasions and worked with him at three companies here in PNG. He spoke so highly of his family and loved you all so much....you were always his number one priority and even after all those years sounded like a love struck school boy when talking of his wonderful wife.

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