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bangbounceboeing 30th Oct 2014 05:56

Virgin to expand Long Haul
Just read an article in Australian Business Traveller that Virgin is going to expand its long haul operation. I thought the long haul operation was being reduced with the ending of MEL-LAX?:suspect:

Goat Whisperer 30th Oct 2014 06:09

Read the article again.

Where did it say long haul?

could be a short 737 hop. To Noumea for example.

grrowler 30th Oct 2014 07:27

It mentions the 330 - guessing it won't be going to NOU.

myshoutcaptain 30th Oct 2014 07:54

A330 - Singapore.

MASTEMA 30th Oct 2014 09:08

Two pilots all the way to Singas... ouch! :sad:

waren9 30th Oct 2014 09:10

pffft jq go 2 pilot mel to bkk and return.

MASTEMA 30th Oct 2014 09:35

This is not the 'low cost' thread buddy.:}

Goat Whisperer 30th Oct 2014 10:29

aaand... back on topic, the long haul ops were only reduced insofar as BNE is a little closer to LAX than MEL is. Same number of sectors operated, just daily Bris instead of 4 Bris + 3 Mel per week.

virginexcess 30th Oct 2014 10:38

Just JB sh!t stirring again, while JH is working out what to do about Tiger getting 737's!

Goat Whisperer 30th Oct 2014 10:54

I reckon, excess. He does like to keep 'em guessing.

ASY68 31st Oct 2014 07:41

SIN/HKG are very likely options, as we all know going to SIN will tie in to the SQ network like VA does with EY/DL-VX

HKG could give multiple options like taking up the tag flight with VS but it wouldn't suprise me if they linked up with CX after the lovers tiff from QF - similar to NZ.

What I am curious about is the touted potential of a third route as there is no obvious option out there unless for some reason they go to LHR (yeh right)

Jet Man 31st Oct 2014 09:28

Chicago O'Hare?

WSSS 31st Oct 2014 09:44

How about PER - RGN? Thinking outside the box .. RGN being one of the places with significant international traffic growth since Burma's democratic reforms started a few years ago.

Australopithecus 31st Oct 2014 09:46

If they were going to go east of LAX wouldn't Delta's hub at Salt Lake City make more sense?

And if they do operate to HKG then their code share partner Virgin Atlantic could provide another route to Europe.

BNEA320 31st Oct 2014 10:36

They need a way to Europe not via arab state. In one fell swoop qf lost all Jewish market when tbey linked up with ek

Berealgetreal 31st Oct 2014 22:59

Maybe I'm a pessimist/realist but I don't know why these rumours circulate. In my view long haul and wide bodies is really the realm of the owners. Virgin will stick to domestic flying and be lucky if they can keep that between themselves and qf without the govt opening those routes to cheaper overseas competitors.

cessnapete 31st Oct 2014 23:17

What's wrong with 2 pilot operation Syd Sin? Normal operation on the BA B744.

Skystar320 1st Nov 2014 01:14

Look forward to seeing them in Hong Kong, certainly will be using them on that service.

Same as Japan - I'll give it a shot if the price is right.

lc_461 1st Nov 2014 01:15

I believe SQ operate 2 pilot as well AUS-SIN

Going Boeing 1st Nov 2014 01:54

What's wrong with 2 pilot operation Syd Sin? Normal operation on the BA B744.
It's also standard on QF B747, B767, A330, etc - the only time that S/O's were carried was for subsequent operations to Europe which is no longer part of the network.

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